Blind Not Alone

Imagine you are in a combat zone, you suddenly are shot and lose your sight. For several fleeting moments you are alone, visually encapsulated in darkness with no idea who or what is around you.

Imagine you are walking in a store and you only hear the scuffling of feet or breathing of people around you. You cannot see them and few respond back when you say hello, making you feel alone while surrounded by others.

Imagine you are in a crowded conference hall, hearing warnings to watch out after brushing up against another rather than greetings, provoking emotions of guilt.

Each of these examples represents just some of the ways us with visual impairments encounters the world. Its through situations like these and many more where a blind individual feels alone. However, these circumstances only empowers Blind Not Alone to bring blindness into light, so that no one is left alone.

Visiting Blind Not Alone will allow you to dispel myths about blindness, provide resources assisting with transitioning to life with a disability, and share stories exploring how we each overcome external and internal barriers to achieving our life’s ambitions. The below links are just some of the most popular resources here, and the site continues to expand on a regular basis.

Additional Readings Related to Disablement

The materials here at Blind Not Alone only captures the perspectives of a few and our research related to disablement. To devise a richer comprehension, I implore each of you to consume other stories, websites, articles, and blogs and learn from all of our perspectives. After all, we each devise our own truths about the world through our life’s experiences and perceptions. The below links starts you off in this process, zeroing in on disabling conditions, stigmas, and stories of resiliency.

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