Blind Not Alone’s Tech Teleconferences

Blind Not Alone started from a group of Veterans who enjoy talking about tech together through monthly Blind Vet Tech teleconferences. We simply enjoy sharing and learning about technology to assist with life. All of our calls are open to anyone interested in learning more about assistive, accessible, or adaptive technologies for visually impaired individuals. You do not need to be a Veteran, just willing to exchange ideas.

Blind Not Alone’s Blind Vet Tech Monthly Talks features in-depth discussions and reviews on a wide variety of assistive technologies. Each series contains their own focus, though we conclude each call with an open forum, enabling participants to converse about anything from other technology questions to everyday life. Here is a list of our current conferences:

Teleconference Name Regular Date RegularTime Phone Number Notes
Blind Vet Tech Monthly MacOS Talk Second Thursday of the month 1900 Central Time The only teleconference focusing solely on MacOS for the blind. Each month builds upon the previous month, as participants steer the conversation based on their interest.
Blind Vet Tech Monthly Tech Talk Third Thursday of the month 1900 Central Time The Monthly Tech Talk is our flagship teleconference featuring a wide range of topics. We do not limit questions to any particular adaptive software or device.
Blind Vet Tech Monthly Narrator Talk Coming Soon Coming Soon The first teleconference focusing specifically on Microsoft’s integrated screen reader, Narrator. Each month focuses on a specific function or task of Narrator.

Connecting to the Blind Vet Tech Monthly Talks

We use Zoom.US for all of our sessions. Zoom allows one to connect via your computers, iOS and Android devices, or by simply dialing into the call. All of these methods are very accessible, even if you are a JAWS, NVDA, Narrator, Voice Over, Talk Back, ZoomText, or any other type of screen reading or magnification solutions. Here is how you can participate with us:
Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android by clicking here

iPhone users simply tap on the phone number below or dial:

  • (646) 876-9923,,7854091838#
  • or (669) 900-6833,,7854091838#

Zoom enables one to control their participation through a series of hotkeys. The table below lists the possible actions and how to complete it based on your connection method:

Action Zoom for Windows Zoom for MacOS Zoom for iOS Dial into Zoom
Mute Alt A Command Shift A Mute Button on app Star 6
Raise hand to prompt moderator Alt Y Option Y Raise/Lower hand Button on app Star 9
Switch Between Zoom Windows F6 Command ` N/a N/A
Jump to Participant List Alt U Command U Tap on Participants button at bottom of the app N/A
Jump to Chat Alt H Command Shift H Tap on Participants button at bottom of the app, then swipe to find Chat on Participants screen N/A
Host Mute Everyone Alt M Command Control M Tap on More button at the bottom of app N/A

Any Requests

If you are interested I being a guest presenter for any of our conferences or wish to start a new tech related conference, feel free to send us an email through our contact form.