You asked: Are Air Optix weekly?

The Air Optix brand features a suite of monthly disposable contact lenses that are designed to be remain comfortable throughout the entire month of daily wear.

Is Air Optix daily or monthly?

Yes, Air Optix Night & Day Aqua is a monthly disposable contact lens. It is available for any wearing need as multifocal, astigmatism, and colored.

How many times can you wear Air Optix contacts?

Important information for AIR OPTIX® AQUA (lotrafilcon B) contact lenses: For daily wear or up to 6 nights extended wear for near/far-sightedness, astigmatism and/or presbyopia.

How long does a box of Air Optix last?

Air Optix Night & Day Aqua contact lenses have a monthly replacement schedule, which means you need to dispose of the contact lenses and wear fresh ones after 30 days. Each box of Air Optix Night & Day contact lenses contains six lenses, so four boxes (two boxes for each eye) will last you for a 12-month period.

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Are Air Optix daily?

Individuals can use Air Optix Aqua for daily use or extended wear for up to 6 nights. These contacts come in monofocal and multifocal options, and they have a silicone hydrogel design, which improves breathability and moisture.

Are Air Optix for Astigmatism monthly?

AIR OPTIX® for Astigmatism contact lenses provide lasting comfort for those with astigmatism. These monthly contacts keep lenses in place with a Precision Balance 8|4® Design to avoid blurriness. … CONTACT LENSES: For daily wear or extended wear up to 6 nights for near / far-sightedness and astigmatism.

Is Air Optix better than Acuvue?

Overall, both lenses impress. Air Optix Aqua gets points on price as this is a monthly replacement lens, compared to the 2-week replacement schedule of ACUVUE OASYS®, so the price is a bit lower. … Air Optix Aqua does not provide UV blocking, an area where ACUVUE OASYS® rocks due to first-class UVA and UVB blocking.

Can Air Optix be worn overnight?

AIR OPTIX ® NIGHT & DAY ® AQUA contact lenses are FDA-approved for up to 30 days and nights of continuous wear to let you fall asleep and wake up to comfortable, clear vision.

Can you nap in Air Optix contacts?

Air Optix Night & Day lenses are monthly disposable contact lenses which have been FDA approved for 30 days of continuous extended wear, which means they are approved to be slept in for 30 days continuously.

Why are my Air Optix contacts blurry?

Dryness of the contact lenses or the eyes

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When dryness is the cause of the blurred vision, the vision usually gets a little clearer immediately after a blink or after putting in a contact lens rewetting drop. … If the eye itself gets dry, this can also cause the vision to appear blurry.

Can I sleep in Air Optix HydraGlyde?

Can you sleep in Air Optixplus HydraGlyde contacts? Yes, Air Optix plus HydraGlyde are FDA-approved to be worn on an extended basis for up to 6 nights, however please consult with an eye care professional to be sure.

How long can I wear Air Optix Multifocal?

Important Information for AIR OPTIX® AQUA Multifocal (lotrafilcon B) contact lenses: For daily wear or extended wear up to 6 nights for near/far-sightedness and/or presbyopia. Risk of serious eye problems (i.e. corneal ulcer) is greater for extended wear.

Is Air Optix HydraGlyde monthly?

AIR OPTIX plus HydraGlyde contact lenses support a comfortable lens-wearing experience. … “This new monthly replacement contact lens can provide the benefits of excellent deposit resistance and longer-lasting lens surface moisture to patients in a replacement schedule that promotes compliant wear.”

Do Air Optix colors work on brown eyes?

AIR OPTIX ® COLORS contact lenses create a beautiful look that blends naturally with any eye color— whether you have dark eyes or light, whether you need vision correction or not.

Can I sleep with monthly contact lenses?

Wearing contact lenses not approved for sleeping can pose risks to your eyes because the lenses deprive your eyes of oxygen. These risks include cornea infections and corneal neovascularization, where blood vessels begin intruding into the whites of your eyes.

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Can you sleep with Biofinity contact lenses?

It is not recommended to sleep in your contacts unless you have been prescribed lenses that are specifically designed for this purpose. For example, Biofinity contact lenses have been approved for up to 6 nights/7 days of extended wear.