What causes strategic myopia?

When planning how many items to produce, it’s important to focus on long-term strategies. Myopia can happen if a business keeps its production high without adjusting for customer demand. The demand for certain items can change over time, and it’s important to adjust production to match that.

What is strategy myopia?

Strategic myopia is a condition in which the management of a business can see clearly those things that are to take place in the short term, but have only a fuzzy view of what their future might be over the longer term.

How do you overcome strategic myopia?

How to Avoid Marketing Myopia

  1. Have a clear vision. How can this product or service make a difference now and in the future?
  2. Put the customer before the product. …
  3. Do the marketing first. …
  4. Don’t stop the marketing. …
  5. Watch the competition. …
  6. Diversify your products or services. …
  7. Experiment.
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What are the causes of marketing myopia?


  • Companies assume they are in a Growth Industry. …
  • Companies believe there are no Competitive Substitutes. …
  • Failure to Consider the Requirements of the Consumer. …
  • Focusing more on Products and not on Customers. …
  • Failure to Consider Changing Consumer Lifestyle in the Digital Age.

When can marketing myopia occur?

When a company focuses more on sales than on marketing or consumers’ needs, that’s when marketing myopia strikes in. 1 What Is Marketing Myopia?

What does strategic outsourcing mean?

1. The strategic decision of planning the organization based on partnerships with external suppliers of goods and services, instead of developing them within the organization.

What is marketing myopia and how can it be avoided?

Marketing myopia can be avoided through filtering every strategic initiative and company program through the screen of the customers it seeks to serve, Fundamentally, any company initiative or program must have the customer at its heart.

Can myopia be avoided?

It is recommended that children be exposed to approximately 2 hours of daylight per day to prevent myopia. Progression of myopia can be reduced by administering atropine 0.01% eye drops as indicated and prescribed by the treating ophthalmologist. Effects must be monitored approximately every 6 months.

When a company is dealing with marketing myopia What is the key issue that the company is facing?

One of the important causes is the failure to consider the requirement of customers as a part of their marketing strategy. They become so overconfident that they stop asking their customers, whether they want our product or not.

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What should sellers consider if they wish to avoid marketing myopia?

What should sellers consider if they wish to avoid marketing myopia? Sellers should consider the particular benefits and experiences desired by their customers, and not just pay attention to the specific products they offer. Define customer equity and explain how a company can increase it.

What is the effect of marketing myopia?

Implications of marketing myopia

The reality is that marketing myopia can eventually cause your business to fail. It doesn’t happen overnight. First, customers become dissatisfied with an aspect of the product or service delivery. They’ll reach out, complain on social media, and a few will leave.

What are marketing strategies in business?

A marketing strategy refers to a business’s overall game plan for reaching prospective consumers and turning them into customers of their products or services. A marketing strategy contains the company’s value proposition, key brand messaging, data on target customer demographics, and other high-level elements.

Is Blockbuster an example of marketing myopia?

A classic case of marketing myopia: Blockbuster simply failed to understand its customers and the technology that was empowering a change in their habits.

What is the new view of marketing myopia?

This “new marketing myopia” stems from three related phenomena: (1) a single-minded focus on the customer to the exclusion of other stakeholders, (2) an overly narrow definition of the customer and his or her needs, and (3) a failure to recognize the changed societal context of business that necessitates addressing …

What does myopia literally mean in marketing?

Literally, the word “myopia” means shortsightedness or nearsightedness which is the inability to see things far away. Marketing Myopia is the inability of a company to perceive the needs of the consumer (who is at a distance from the company) due to their focus on their immediate company needs.

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