Quick Answer: What is the purpose of a contact lens aftercare appointment?

The goal of a contact lens aftercare is to determine if your current contact lenses are correcting your vision well and checking the health of the front surface of the eye in detail as this is where the contact lens sits.

What happens at a contact lens aftercare appointment?

A contact lens aftercare is a specific appointment concentrating on the vision with the contact lens and how it physically interacts with the eye. The appointment also looks in detail of the health of the front part of the eye in particular the conjunctiva, corneal and tear film.

What is aftercare for contact lenses?

In relation to contact lens patients, aftercare could be defined as ‘attention given after a contact lens has been worn’, and is a term typically applied to ongoing follow-up appointments after contact lenses have been fitted.

How often should you have a contact lens aftercare?

Aftercares are usually recommended every 6 months by us or can be done annually if you prefer. This is the best way of checking the health of your eyes as sometimes changes can happen without you realising.

What is a contact lens check appointment?

During the check-up, your optometrist will: ask you if are having any problems with your lenses, and how long you wear them for. check your vision. examine the front of your eyes using a slit lamp microscope. see how your eyes behave with the lenses in and while you are wearing your contact lenses.

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What is contact lens flare?

flare: Light streamers seen by rigid contact lens wearers whose lenses have too small an optical zone or overall diameter or whose lenses center poorly. … This pattern shows the relationship between the lens and the cornea (where the lens makes contact and where there is clearance).

Are contact lens check ups free?

If you choose to sign up to our all-inclusive easycare package and pay for your lenses by direct debit – all your aftercare checks are included, absolutely free. Plus you’ll get all these great benefits, too: Lenses delivered to your door with our home delivery service, Lensmail.

Do I need to wear contact lenses to an appointment?

Like regular eye tests, aftercare appointments allow your optician to keep a close eye (pardon the pun) on the quality of your vision and the health of your eyes. Remember, you’ll need to wear your contact lenses to the appointment and bring your glasses with you.

How do I know my contact lens prescription?

Your prescription details can be found on the side of your contact lens box. If you don’t have your box, we’re happy to contact your eye care provider to get a copy of your prescription for you.

How long should I leave my contact lenses out before an eye test?

If going for a regular eye exam, it is important for you to remember to take out your contact lenses at least two hours before the exam or you can choose to wear your glasses that day. While getting an eye exam, some people will opt to go ahead and get fitted for new contacts as well.

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