How thin can you get glasses lenses?

High Index 1.74 lenses are the thinnest, flattest, and most cosmetically appealing lens ever developed. These ultra thin lenses are nearly 50% thinner than plastic and 5% thinner than 1.67 high index lenses, offering you the ultimate in technology and cosmetics.

What is the thinnest glasses lens available?

1.74 index lenses are the thinnest eyeglass lenses for high prescriptions. These ultra-light lenses are the thinnest kind developed yet, and accommodate the highest prescriptions possible.

How much can lenses be thinned?

Standard or basic lenses have an index of 1.5 or 1.56. Thin lenses have an index of 1.6 or 1.63 and are around 20% thinner than basic lenses. Ultra-thin lenses have an index of 1.67 and are around 30% thinner than basic lenses.

Can they make glasses lenses thinner?

Well, if you already have thick glasses, you unfortunately can’t make them thinner. If you want thin lenses, you’ll need to order a new pair of prescription glasses with high index lenses. High index lenses have a higher refractive index than regular plastic lenses, making them more efficient at making a prescription.

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Is 1.67 or 1.74 lens thinner?

1.74 high index lenses are thinner and lighter than 1.67 high index lenses. 1.67 high index lenses are much less costly compared to 1.74.

How do I get the thinnest lenses for my prescription?

For the thinnest, most attractive glasses: Choose a lens material with a refractive index greater than 1.60. The higher the index of refraction, the thinner your lenses will be. Lenses with a refractive index of 1.67 and higher can be less than half the thickness of regular plastic lenses.

Does Costco have 1.74 high index lenses?

In answer to the question posed in the title, then, yes, Costco do stock 1.74 high index lenses. They also sell a range of other high index lenses. This is not surprising as the lenses are becoming more popular and there is higher demand for them. Does That Mean You Should Buy Your High Index Lenses from Costco?

Is it worth getting lenses thinned?

Thinner lenses will look better. They’ll be easier to have the lens edges hidden within the frame of the glasses. They’ll look less noticeable when people look at your glasses. And, they’ll feel better.

Is it worth getting thinner lenses?

If you’re moderately, or very short-sighted you’ll benefit from thinner lenses as the edge thickness of your lenses will be more visible. … Between -4.00 and -6.00 we’d recommend a lens with a refractive index of 1.67, and any prescriptions over that a lens with a refractive index of 1.74 will be more suitable.

What are the thinnest lenses for high prescription glasses?

1.74 index lenses are the thinnest lenses for high prescriptions available. These ultra-light, ultra-sleek lenses are the thinnest kind developed yet, and accommodate the highest prescriptions possible.

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How can I make my glasses look less thick?

Use frames with fronts that are thicker (front-to-back) to disguise the thickness of higher minus lenses. Use frames with fronts that have wide eyewires to minimize lens size (and thickness) for both higher plus and minus lenses.

Why are my glasses lenses so thick?

Refractive errors in your sight are measured in diopters. As that scale gets higher and higher, your lenses will require more curve to correct your sight. That means more lens material. The higher your diopter rating is, the thicker your lenses become.

Is blue light blocking worth it?

Wearing blue light glasses may sound like a good solution, but a recent study determined there was little evidence to support the use of blue-blocking filters in the prevention of digital eye strain. … So if you’re scrolling through your phone late at night or have insomnia, blue light glasses might be a good option.

Who should get 1.74 high index lenses?

Hi-index 1.74 lenses are perfect for:

People with +/- 2, and stronger prescriptions. People who are self conscious about the thickness of their lenses. People who wear contacts because traditional lenses distort their eyes.

How thick is a 1.74 lens?

For power more than that, choose the thinnest lens, 1.74 index. It will be around 5mm to 8mm.

Why might a 1.74 lens be thicker than a 1.67 lens?

Most of the people who wear glasses are nearsighted, which means that the corrective lenses that they wear are thin in the center but thicker at the edge of the lens. The stronger their prescription is, the thicker the edges of their lenses are.

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