Can you take blood pressure medication before cataract surgery?

You should continue to take all medications for blood pressure, heart problems, asthma and epilepsy with sips of water up to 2 hours prior to surgery. Please bring your daily medications with you (in their original containers) on the day of your operation. 4.

What medications should not be taken before cataract surgery?

1. MEDICATIONS To minimize the risk of blood loss during your surgery, you must avoid or stop taking medications that contain aspirin, that are anti-inflammatory medications, or contain blood thinning agents. These should be discontinued 7-10 days prior to your surgery.

Can cataract surgery be done if you have high blood pressure?

Patients with SBP <180 mm Hg and/or DBP <110 mm Hg can proceed to elective cataract surgery even if they do not have a documented long-term blood pressure measurement from the primary care physician.

What medications interfere with cataract surgery?

Researchers have found that medications called alpha-blockers used to treat the symptoms of an enlarged prostate – such as Flomax, Hytrin, Cardura and Uroxatral — can create a risk of complications during cataract surgery.

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Can I have eye surgery with high blood pressure?

When it comes to having surgery, this means there can be factors relating to high blood pressure that make you an unsuitable candidate. However, you will be pleased to know that having high blood pressure in itself is not a contraindication for Laser Eye Surgery.

Can blood pressure medicine cause cataracts?

They found that for varying levels of sunlight exposure, people who used a number of drugs including the painkiller naproxen, the diabetes drug glyburide, the antibiotic ciprofloxacin, the antidepressant amitriptyline, and the blood pressure medication hydrochlorothiazide had about a 26 percent chance of developing a …

How long should you fast before cataract surgery?

NO solid food is to be eaten for at least 6 hours prior to your admission time. NO fluids (except water, black tea or black coffee) are to be taken for at least 2 hours before your admission time.

What blood tests are done before cataract surgery?

Biometry is a test to measure the shape and size of the eye. It is commonly used to calculate the power of intraocular lens (IOL) implants required for cataract and refractive surgery.

How can I lower my blood pressure before surgery?

Normally the anaesthetist would like to see that your blood pressure is controlled at the target level (for example, lower that 160/100) for at least 6 weeks prior to surgery. You can help to lower your blood pressure by reducing fat, salt and alcohol intake and taking regular exercise.

Do you have to go off blood thinners for cataract surgery?

Blood thinners do not have to be stopped before cataract surgery. Because we are not working on tissues that contain blood vessels, bleeding is usually not a major concern. Patients taking Coumadin, Warfarin, Plavix, Eliquis, Pradaxa, Ibuprofen or Aspirin do NOT generally have to stop these medications.

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