Can I keep my contact lenses in salt water?

You can never replicate the sterile environment, nor acquire the sterile ingredients for making a DIY contact lens solution. Saltwater is not saltwater. You can’t make proper contact lens solution simply by adding saltwater to regular household water or even distilled water.

Can you store contacts in salt water?

Lenses can safely be stored in contact solution when not in use, where they will be kept sterile and hydrated. Saline solution is a simple, pH-balanced saltwater solution that can be used to rinse off your lenses before inserting them.

Does salt water damage contact lenses?

If you swim with contacts on, do not open your eyes under water. In saltwater, the salt will draw water out of the contact lens, making it tight and hard to remove; trying to remove a tight lens can damage the cornea.

Can I store my contacts in salt water overnight?

It should not replace your daily lens solution. Soaking contacts in a saline solution overnight is dangerous because contamination may happen.

What can I use if I have no contact solution?

Another common question that is asked by contact wearers is “Can you put contact in water overnight?” When you don’t have contact solution with you, a common technique is to just use water or your own saliva as “emergency” solution.

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Is it safe to rinse eyes with salt water?

Salt water

Salt water, or saline, is one of the most effective home remedies for eye infections. Saline is similar to teardrops, which is your eye’s way of naturally cleansing itself. Salt also has antimicrobial properties. Because of this, it only stands to reason that saline can treat eye infections effectively.

Can I store contacts in eye drops?

no! Eye drops aren’t designed to remove debris or disinfect contact lenses. On top of that, the primary functions of most eye drops actually lead to outcomes that are counterproductive. This compounds any problems from not having lens solution.

Can you use saliva as contact solution?

Wind and environmental factors can easily dry out your eyes, making it uncomfortable to wear contacts, but using saliva or water to rinse contacts is not a good solution. Saliva contains oral bacteria, which is not healthy for your eyes, and putting water on contacts can make them swell and change their fit.

What happens if I get water in my eye while wearing contacts?

Water can cause soft contact lenses to change shape, swell, and stick to the eye. This is uncomfortable, and can scratch the cornea (the clear dome that covers the colored part of the eye), which makes it easier for germs to enter the eye and cause infection.

How do you make contact solution?


  1. Put one cup (250 mL) of tap water into a pot and boil for 15 minutes with the lid on.
  2. Remove from heat and cool until the water reaches room temperature.
  3. Add ½ teaspoon of salt into the pot and stir to dissolve. …
  4. Carefully pour the salt-water solution from the pan into the jar or bottle and put the lid on.
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Can I temporarily store contacts in water?

No, you should never store your contact lenses in water. … Letting your contact lenses sit in water overnight may give room for bacteria and other contaminating pathogens to multiply on your lenses. If you then put these lenses into your eye it may transfer bacteria into your eye.

Can I use boiled water for contact lenses?

Mineral water, tap water, spring water, etc. (boiled or not) should not be used. Boiled is sterilized, but you don’t want to use mineral water, but distilled water. Distilled water lacks the minerals that would get into your soft contact lenses.