Can I change my Ray Ban lenses to prescription?

Yes, whether they are vintage, brand new, or anything in between you can add prescription lenses to your Ray-Ban sunglasses. You have a couple of different options. You can order brand new Ray-Bans with a prescription online or in an eyewear shop.

How much does it cost to put prescription lenses in Ray Bans?

To put Ray-Ban prescription lenses on your Ray-Ban sunglasses our pricing starts at $59.95 and it depends what material and tint you choose to add. You can choose to add single vision rx (most common for either near sighted or far sighted,) or progressive lenses (both rx in one,) as well as choose polarization options.

Can you convert sunglasses to prescription?

Yes, You Can Turn Sunglasses Into Prescription Lenses! But, be Mindful of The Frame. … Make sure to choose a professional company or eye wear expert who has experience turning sunglasses into prescription glasses.

Why are prescription Ray Bans so expensive?

The brand’s been copied relentlessly, with knockoffs available for as little as a few dollars. … Name brands, including Ray-Ban, typically offer lenses with UV protection, and some take it a step further with polarized lenses, which can also notch up the price. There’s also manufacturing costs.

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Do Ray-Ban prescription glasses have logo on lens?

The authentic prescription Ray-Ban sunglasses have the official company logo in the corner. Ray Ban etching that is engraved into the corner of the prescription sunglasses. Polarized prescription Ray Ban lenses have the letter P next company logo in the corner. You will receive a perfect shape.

How can you tell if your Ray-Bans are fake?

Original Ray-Ban sunglasses will have “RB” etched onto the corner of the left lens to prove its authenticity. If the etching is missing, or a low quality or painted on the glasses will be fake. Other signs to spot a fake pair of Ray-Bans include the packaging and way in which they are boxed to ship.

Do Ray-Bans have real gold?

The Ray-Ban Aviator Solid Gold boasts frames that are crafted from solid 18K gold, making for the most ultra-luxe pair of the classic shades ever. … Ray-Ban is making just 84 pairs of Solid Gold Aviators, and each is individually numbered inside the temple.

Are real Ray-Bans worth it?

Ray-Bans are worth the price if you want a high-quality pair of sunglasses. They offer different lens types and materials to make their lenses stronger and more effective at blocking reflected light. They offer several different styles and sizes to ensure you find the pair of sunglasses that fits your style.

Do all Ray-Bans say Ray-Ban on the lens?

All new Ray-Bans have a “RB” etched onto one lens (check the far left side of the left lens). On fakes the etching will either be missing or of poor quality. … Vintage Ray-Bans might have a “BL” marking to denote the brands original owners Bausch & Lomb, but if you’re buying new then look for the RB logo etching.

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