Are Ray Bans military approved?

Ray-Ban offers a 15% military discount after online verification. provides discount information as a service to our members. …

Can you wear Ray-Bans in the military?

Soldiers are not allowed to wear sunglasses in the field, unless specifically specified otherwise by their commander. … Soldiers are not allowed to attach ribbons, chains, and bands with their sunglasses. The rules restrict the soldiers from hanging their sunglasses and sunglass cases on their uniform.

Can you wear Ray-Bans in uniform?

Eyeglass restraints are authorized only when required for safety purposes. Personnel will not hang eyeglasses or eyeglass cases on the uniform, and may not let glasses hang from eyeglass restraints down the front of the uniform.

Are Ray-Bans ethical?

Ray-Ban is owned by EssilorLuxottica. Its environment rating is ‘not good enough’. It does not use eco-friendly materials. … Ray-Ban is rated ‘Not good enough’ overall.

Do Ray-Bans offer UV protection?

Ray-Bans may have the fashion side of things down cold, but what will they do to protect your vision? Well, all Ray-Ban sunglass frames promise 100% UV protection.

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How much is military discount on Ray Ban?

Ray-Ban offers a 15% military discount after online verification.

Can you wear sunglasses in army PT?

a. Wear of eyeglasses and sunglasses. (1) Conservative civilian prescription eyeglasses are authorized for wear with all uniforms. … Individuals who are required by medical authority to wear sunglasses for medical reasons other than refractive error may wear them, except when health or safety considerations apply.

Does the army give you prescription sunglasses?

Active duty members & activated guard & reserve members can get a yearly eye exam and military-issued glasses as necessary from their medical/vision clinic. Sunglasses are available if mission necessary.

What sunglasses do soldiers wear?

10 Best Military Tactical Sunglasses

  • #1 – Oakley OO9188 Flak™ 2.0 XL.
  • User Reviews.
  • #2 – Oakley Half Jacket 2.0.
  • User Reviews.
  • #3 – Oakley Fuel Cell Polarized Sunglasses.
  • #4 – Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame 3.0.
  • #5 – Under Armour Igniter 2.0 Storm Polarized WWP Edition Sunglasses.
  • #6 – Oakley M2 Frame XL.

What are military glasses called?

GI glasses are eyeglasses issued by the American military to its service members. Dysphemisms for them include the most common “birth control glasses” (also called “BCGs”) and other variants.

Where are Ray Bans made?

Hand made in Italy, genuine Ray-Bans are of exceptional quality and are crafted from high quality materials. From the finish around the hinges to the weight of the material, you’ll be able to tell whether Ray-Bans are genuine or not based on these top-quality details.

Who is Ray Bans competition?

Ray-Ban competitors include Oakley and Oliver Peoples.

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Why is Ray-Ban so expensive?

The brand’s been copied relentlessly, with knockoffs available for as little as a few dollars. … Name brands, including Ray-Ban, typically offer lenses with UV protection, and some take it a step further with polarized lenses, which can also notch up the price. There’s also manufacturing costs.

Are polarized Ray-Bans worth it?

Their Polarized Lenses Enhance Your Surroundings

These lenses do everything. They can reduce glare from the sun, they block 99% of reflected light, and they can even enhance colors around you. … If you want sunglasses that can transform how you see the world, then Ray-Bans with polarized lenses is worth it.

What’s so special about Ray-Bans?

Aside from being the most iconic glasses around, Ray-Ban pride themselves on providing frames and lenses of the highest quality. Their sunglasses offer full UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays, allowing you to be stylish and safe in the sun.