Sendero Seeing Eye GPS 3.0 Rocks

Sendero Seeing Eye GPS just released version 3.0, and the new features amaze me. In fact, the update makes it one of the most powerful GPS and way finding solution for the blind. Here are the new features and why you should care:

  • Added waypoint or breadcrumb routes
    • Remember the feature on the Trekker Breeze where you can walk around a park or area and create a route? Well that is what waypoint routes bring to smart phones. No other navigational solution, including Blind Square, preforms this task. I cannot wait to map out some routes or potentially upload routes through my favorite areas other turn by turn apps fail.
  • New methods to find Points of Interest
    • Blind Square has been my go to method for finding Points of Interest since it arrived on iOS. No other app makes finding places around you easier. Sendero did develop Sendero Look Around which did an ok job at this, and eventually ported this into the Wand feature in the Sendero Seeing Eye GPS. Well, Points of Interest finding remained clumsy, when compared to Blind Square. Now Points of Interest finding between the two solutions are on par with each other.

    then released a simple

  • Indoor Navigation through beacons
    • The race for indoor navigation heats up between Blind Square, Sendero Seeing Eye GPS, and several other apps. It matters not who wins, as long as the opportunity for the race exists. Indoor beacon navigation will not become mainstream for several more years, but anytime anyone announces indoor navigation, even if its just moving a button into predominance, be happy its gaining momentum.
  • Uber now appears as a route option
    • Uber rocks for many reasons. Apps like Blind Square, Apple Maps, and Google Maps integrated Uber services awhile back, so its nice to see Sendero Seeing Eye GPS catching up.

Sendero Seeing Eye GPS 3.0 contains other updates you can check out by clicking here. If you are not a fan of subscription services, the non-subscription version of the app received a price slash from $299 to $199, so take advantage of the offer while it lasts.