Reviewing the Facebook iOS App

A suspension bridge spans the logo with the acronym BVT in the middle. Beneath the bridge the words Blind Vet Tech appears. The bottom of the logo contains morse code reading Technology Association for Veterans with Visual Impairments.
In this Blind Vet Tech Quick Guides and Tutorials podcast, we explore the Facebook iOS app with Voice Over. Facebook is a wonderful method to stay connected to family, friends, groups, and organizations you like, and the Facebook app is the easiest way for the blind to do this. This podcast demonstrates how to use the Facebook app to look at notifications, update your status, look at your different feeds, and respond to a post. Here is a general overview of the Facebook app:

Top Menu Bar

  • Button for switching to the Facebook Messenger app
  • Search button for locating friends, individual posts, groups, organizations, etc…
  • Button to update your status
  • Button to view or share photos or videos
  • Button to check into a location if you have GPS activated
  • Text box to update your status

Navigational Tabs at the Bottom of the screen

  • News Feed is the main screen where you can view the posts of your friends and other items you are following
  • Marketplace is a Craigslist of sorts to sell and buy things in your local area
  • Notifications show any comments or replies to posts, reactions and likes, upcoming events, and other items you are tracking
  • More is the main menu where you can see your profile, access account settings, view groups and pages, review your friends lists, and much more

Voice Over Actions on a Post

  • Swiping up or down on a post with Voice Over allows one to Like, React, Comment, Share, and more on a post
  • Two Finger double tap brings up a menu to Like, Comment, React, Share, delete, edit, and other options to a post
  • Double tapping on a post brings the post into a new screen by itself where you can look at any added links, like, react, comment, share, see the number of likes and views, and other options

We hope you enjoy this tutorial on the Facebook app. The Facebook app is very broad in scope, and this podcast just covered the basics in using it.