OrCam MyEye: The most advance stand alone smart glasses for the Blind to recognize the world

According to the National Federation of the Blind, there are an estimated 7 million Americans with a visual disability. According to the World Health Organization, there are 285 million visually impaired people worldwide. That means there are many people out there who are searching for solutions to help them live more independently.

We are lucky to live in a world where the advancements in technology are outstanding. There is a lot of work and research being done to find ways to improve life for partially-sighted and blind people. Reading and recognition devices are just some of the advancements being made. There are video magnifiers, screen readers, braille printers and more. But none are as compact and portable as the OrCam MyEye assistive technology device.

Orcam being used to read a book.

Nicholas Dedekind, an OrCam MyEye user from Belgium, started losing his vision at age 12. Before OrCam, Nicholas tried software magnifiers for on-screen use which he says were heavy, slow, and not very effective. After his parents found out about the OrCam MyEye, Nicholas initially thought that it seemed unrealistic and too good to be true. He thought that maybe these glasses were just like many of the other glasses that aims to improve refraction or increase fields for visually impaired individuals. However, after trying the OrCam device, he was ecstatic. “It was an exciting, eye-opening experience. The product exceeded my expectations,” he says.

OrCam does not rely on connectivity to a smartphone or to a cloud and does not require wi-fi, or Bluetooth connection in order to operate. Rather Orcam conducts everything like text, facial, and product identification through a small module you can place on your hip or in a pocket. This means the response time can be almost instantaneous and the user never has to rely on getting a cell phone signal. Most importantly, it means the system is protected. It is rare to find technology for people who are blind or visually impaired that is this secure and easy to use. The fact that the OrCam device does not connect to a cloud means it requires less power and one charge can last for a while.

Visually impaired and blind individuals who are interested in stand alone wearable devices to increase their independence should check out the Orcam MyEye.Eye. It is perfectly suitable for those with no experience with smart phones and requires a multi-functional recognition solution to advance smart phone users who wish to limit usage of their smart phones.

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