One Year Later

Greetings Readers,


It is hard to believe that has been around for a little over a year. Over that time, your viewership encourage me to investigate different methods of presenting information, web design, and what to actually post. I hope each of you enjoyed this site as I experimented with all of these items.



For your information, serves as a medium for sharing information related to visual impairments, Veterans benefits, and assistive technologies. There actually is a small team of peers that discuss these very items, and help spread the word about our resources.


My goal for this next year is to continue to post articles and links related to visual impairments, Veterans, and assistive technologies. Through the Technology Association for Veterans with Visual Impairments, we aim to start a monthly iOS teleconference, that will provide individuals with a place to discuss questions and relevant information about how to successfully use iPhones and iPads. A side possibility is an online forum, but that will remain on the back burner during the school year. will never attempt to solicit any donations for its operations and management, as knowledge should never cost other people any resources outside of the time it takes to review the information. This is actually something I spent some considerable time deliberating, after examining other personal and group websites that aim to provide similar information as we do here. Besides, I always find those “Donate Here” links and buttons annoying.


If you have any special requests on content, feel free to post your ideas in the comment section below.


Thank you for your support,