Make Your Super Bowl Party More Enjoyable with AIRA’s #AIRABowl Audio Description and Live Coverage

AIRA, a service providing realtime audio descriptions for the blind, is upping their game with live coverage of the Super Bowl. Far to long I have to rely on someone else to describe what is happening in a commercial, visual elements of the halftime shows, or even the time on the clock. Let us face it, the announcers simply fail at these tasks and the radio broadcasts lac commercial coverage.

AIRA through its #AIRABowl coverage will change this by going live at the Super Bowl. For the first time, us blind viewers will understand the punchline of a commercial, hear key pieces of information about the current game, and learn why I feel AIRA is a must have device service for the blind. If you wish to learn what AIRA is about and why I feel its amazing, click here to participate with the #AIRABowl.

AIRA is offering this experience for free to anyone interested in AIRA. You need not be and AIRA Explorer or even blind. Just navigate to to join AIRA, many of its users and supporters, and I have a virtual Super Bowl party.