iOS Guides and Documents

The iPhone and iPad represents what happens when a company strives to promote independence amongst disabled consumers. The range of features and apps built into or designed for these devices makes an iPhone or iPad a multi-functional device capable of guiding you to your destination, informing you about your surroundings, quickly complete productivity related tasks, and so much more. Below is a list of guides to demonstrate the potential for these devices.

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The iOS Survival App Kit

Are you looking for a list of iOS apps available for the blind and visually impaired? The iOS Survival App Kit presents all of Blind Vet Tech’s favorite apps. When creating this list, we asked ourselves, what apps are easy to use, accessible with Voice Over, and what do we use on a regular basis. Please check back since we update the list periodically.

Learning to Use iOS and Siri

Office and Productivity

GPS and Navigation

Recognizing and Identification


Social Networking

iOS 8 Related

With iOS 8 available, numerous new features and bugs have appeared. The next set of links will explain some of these items.

Resources for Further Information

The below websites provides a much more in-depth look at features, apps, and advice for learning to use the iPhone and iPad for the visually impaired:

Ultimately, the best way to learn your devices is to use them. Its common to hear that someone is afraid or uncertain about tech. The only way to overcome this is to venture into the unknown.