iOS Service Animal Regulatory Apps

Prior to the release of smart phones, a Service Animal handler must either remember the federal and state regulations and statutes related to service animal access or carry a copy. While both of these practices are still encouraged, one now simply needs to install these two iOS apps on their iPhone or iPad for good measure. Please note that its advisable to keep up to date with the regulations, statutes, and local ordinances related to service animal usage in areas you travel, in the event an update occurs that is not reflected within the below apps.

The National Association of Guide Dog Users, and affiliate of the NFB, pushed out this app to provide a single location for legislation related to service animals and blindness. This app contains excerpts from the ADA, Air Carriers Act, individual state statutes, and general guidelines. This takes the place of the booklets or fact sheets many carried around depicting this same information.

Where to Go (titled Service Animal once installed)
This was the first app developed that focused specifically on Service Animals in the iTunes app store. This app pulls together locations of Service Animal relief areas from airports throughout the country, the ADA 2010 revision related to Service Dogs, and the most important Department of Justice ruling, which establishes the civil and legal power for the ADA.