How to Accept Calendar Invites in iOS

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In this Blind Vet Tech Quick Guides and Tutorials podcast, we review how to handle meeting invites one might receive on their iPhone or iPad. In our podcast reviewing how to create a new meeting event, one area allowed you to add participants. This podcast will demonstrate how to respond, eliminating any excuses for missing meetings. The steps involved includes:

  • In the Mail, Contacts, and Calendar settings in the Settings app, make sure your email account uses these services.
  • When you receive a meeting invite in Mail, a notification will indicate the presence of an invite.
  • Open the email with the invite and select the accept, decline, or maybe function from the email.
  • Alternatively, view the Inbox in the Calendar app.
  • The Calendar Inbox tab allows you to view new or replied invites.
  • invites or review invites you have replied.

We hope you enjoy our review of accepting calendar invites in iOS.