Hey Siri, whats the latest news: How to use Apple’s stealth update to Siri

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In this Blind Vet Tech Quick Guides, News and Reviews podcast, we demonstrate how to listen to the latest news through a simple Siri command. Apple recently rolled out a stealth update to Siri that enables you to quickly listen to a current news podcast from sources like NPR, CNN, Washington Post, and Fox. This update occurs behind the scenes, so you do not need to update anything, outside of ensuring Siri is able to run and access Apple’s podcast app. To use this feature, try the following Siri Commands:

  • Hey Siri, play the latest news
  • Hey Siri, I want to listen to the latest news
  • Hey Siri, switch to the Washington Post

When using this, keep in mind that Hey Siri does not always work if something is already playing in the foreground.

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