Facebook’S Settings on iOS

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In this Blind Vet Tech Quick Guides and Tutorials podcast, we review the different iOS settings for Facebook. Facebook is embedded within each iPhone and iPad, so knowing where and the purpose of the settings will ensure you are sharing and receiving from Facebook that which you desire. There are two main pieces to this puzzle, settings related to Facebook and the operating system and the settings for the Facebook app.

Here are some of the controls associated with the settings for Facebook within iOS:

  • Whether you can use Siri to update your Facebook status by signing into Facebook through Settings.
  • Whether Facebook adds calendar events to your Calendar app.
  • Whether Facebook adds the contact information from your friends to your Contacts app.
  • What apps interact with Facebook.

Here are some of the controls associated with the settings on iOS for the Facebook App:

  • Whether the Facebook app uses your GPS location.
  • Whether the Facebook app accesses your camera and microphone
  • Whether the Facebook app can use your cellular data plan to update itself.
  • Whether the Facebook app updates itself while running in the background or not.

We hope you enjoy this tutorial on Facebook’s settings in iOS.Voice Over Rotor.