What are autologous serum eye drops used for?

Autologous serum eye drops have been recommended for treatment of patients with several ocular surface disturbances, such as Sjögren’s syndrome‐related tear deficiency, non‐Sjögren’s tear deficiency associated with graft‐versus‐host disease, neurotrophic keratitis, persistent epithelial defects, superior limbic …

Do autologous serum eye drops work?

How effective are autologous serum eye drops? ASEDs have shown to be fairly effective in treating moderate to severe dry eye over the 20 years since its introduction and has had few known adverse events.

What does autologous serum do?

Autologous serum is a blood-derived eye drop that can be used to treat a variety of ocular surface diseases. The mechanism of action of autologous serum drops is to mimic the biochemical properties of natural basal tears in order to heal the ocular surface epithelium.

What are the side effects of autologous serum eye drops?

Laboratory, clinical and experimental studies have shown that this chemical causes irritation, tear film instability, goblet cell reduction, and corneal and deep tissue damage.

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How long does it take for autologous serum eye drops to work?

Significant symptom improvement typically comes around the 2-week mark with regular use. Maximum benefit may be closer to 6 to 8 weeks, which is when I prefer to have patients return for retesting and treatment plan adjustments.

Are autologous serum eye drops expensive?

How Much Do They Cost? The cost for autologous serum eye drops varies by the amount of blood drawn and the number of bottles produced from the sample. In general, the pharmacy charges $15 per 5 milliliter bottle of drops, and the fee for the blood draw is about $50.

How long is autologous serum good for?

Since these eye drops are made fresh from your blood serum, the United States Pharmacopeia standard recommends a 45 day expiration date for the prescription while it is stored in the freezer. Once you move an individual bottle for immediate use to the fridge, they will expire after 3 days.

Is autologous serum FDA approved?

ASED are not FDA approved because they are a blood product and not a pharmaceutical; most health insurance policies do not cover the treatment. Medications that have attained FDA approval receive government and health insurance funding to lower their cost to patients.

Do serum eye drops burn?

Since they are produced from the patient’s own blood, these drops are inherently non-allergenic and do not cause an issue of burning or stinging upon instillation.

Do serum tears have side effects?

Safe. Since they are made with your own blood and sterile saline, autologous serum eye drops do not typically cause any adverse reactions or side effects.

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Are serum tears safe?

Over all, because of the similar properties to one’s own natural tears, autologous serum tears are well tolerated, provide relief, promote healthy cell growth and healing, and have no reported problems or significant complications.

What are serum drops?

Serum tears are eye drops made out of a patient’s own blood. Serum is the somewhat clear fluid that remains after the cells and most of the proteins are removed from the blood. These drops have healing and nurturing properties beyond that of commercially available artificial tears.

Does insurance cover autologous serum eye drops?

Yes, coverage will apply to both the preparation as well as the prescription and use of autologous serum eye drops by insured ophthalmologists.

How often can you use autologous serum eye drops?

The drops are usually dosed anywhere from two to eight times per day, with six or Q2H being the most common, for the treatment of aqueous-deficient dry eye, neurotrophic keratitis or ocular surface disease secondary to systemic autoimmune syndromes.

Who makes autologous serum drops?

Vital Tears has become the leader in autologous serum eye drops (ASEDs), more commonly known as serum tears, because we offer a quick, hassle-free, and affordable way to obtain serum tears. We can get you your eye drops in as little as 48 hours from your blood draw.