How many hours NPO before cataract surgery?

No solid food for 6 hours prior to your surgery.

How many hours before cataract surgery should you not eat?

You may be instructed not to eat or drink anything 12 hours before cataract surgery. Your doctor may also advise you to temporarily stop taking any medication that could increase your risk of bleeding during the procedure.

Can you eat and drink before a cataract operation?

If you are having a general anaesthetic, you will need to fast before your operation. Fasting means that you cannot eat or drink anything (except water) for six hours before surgery.

How long before eye surgery can you eat?

NO solid food is to be eaten for at least 6 hours prior to your admission time. NO fluids (except water, black tea or black coffee) are to be taken for at least 2 hours before your admission time.

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Why do you have to be NPO before cataract surgery?

Food in your stomach takes hours to digest and eating after midnight could cancel your surgery. This can include coffee, tea and water. When having anesthesia, it is safest to have a completely empty stomach. Even cream mixed with coffee or tea can be dangerous.

What should I eat 24 hours before surgery?

It is recommended to maintain a clear liquid diet the day before the surgery, here are some of the liquids allowed:

  • Water.
  • Clear broths (chicken or beef)
  • Juices (apple or cider)
  • White grape juice.
  • Tea (with no milk or honey)
  • Coffee (no milk or creamer)
  • Jell-O (without fruit/no red Jell-O)
  • Popsicles (without fruit/cream)

Do you fast before cataract surgery?

You will need to fast for about 12 hours before surgery to ensure you are safe from this effect. You should also check with your primary care doctor about any medications you are on that could cause bleeding. If you are on any that could cause bleeding, they may recommend stopping them before surgery.

Can I drink water before cataract surgery?

EVERYONE: No solid food for 6 hours prior to your surgery. No thick liquids after midnight (Milk, cream, orange juice, prune juice.) Up to 2 hours before surgery, we encourage you to drink clear liquids (coffee, tea, apple juice, water, soft drinks or meat broth.)

Is blood pressure taken before cataract surgery?

Until better evidence proves otherwise, patients without severe hypertension should proceed with elective cataract surgery with intraoperative mean blood pressure kept within 20% of baseline as good clinical practice.

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What is the prep for cataract surgery?

Simply wash your face with soap and water prior to your cataract surgery. In addition to your 12-hour fast leading up to surgery, you should abstain from drinking any alcoholic beverages such as wine, liquor, or beer for at least 24 hours before your cataract surgery.

Can I eat the morning of cataract surgery?

A: You can eat a light breakfast, such as toast or cereal. Foods that are greasy or spicy should not be eaten prior to surgery.

Can I eat right after cataract surgery?

We advise all of our patients to avoid cooking for at least one week after cataract surgery. After surgery, your eyes will need time to heal.

Can I eat after cataract surgery?

You want to include healthy foods, lean protein, and leafy green vegetables. Foods you should avoid are ones that are already associated with bad eye health and this includes foods high in refined carbs or sugars. These foods spike blood glucose levels and can lead to blood vessels in the eye being damaged.

How long before surgery should I stop drinking water?

Your surgeon will instruct you to avoid food and water for up to 12 hours before surgery. Fasting before surgery helps prevent complications. This includes nausea and aspiration. Aspiration is when you inhale food or fluids that were in your stomach.

What happens if you don’t use eye drops after cataract surgery?

If someone didn’t use their eye drops the best-case scenario would be that their eyes would take longer to heal, and may develop some scarring tissue. The worst-case scenario would be an infection – one that could end in loss of eyesight if not caught quickly.

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When can I get water in my eye after cataract surgery?

Swimmers should wait four weeks after cataract surgery before swimming in a pool or a natural body of water.