How can I get my Face ID to recognize me with sunglasses?

Can you get Face ID to work with sunglasses?

Face ID works with many sunglasses. If you’re wearing sunglasses designed to block certain types of light, then your sunglasses might be blocking the infrared light used by the TrueDepth camera. Try using Face ID without your sunglasses. Good luck!

Why won’t my iPhone recognize my face with sunglasses?

The reason why Face ID doesn’t unlock your iPhone when you’re wearing certain sunglasses is because of the TrueDepth camera’s infrared sensors. … Face ID’s attention awareness feature prevents your iPhone from unlocking until it detects that your eyes are open and looking at it.

Why does Face ID work with some sunglasses and not others?

Apple explained why this is the case: It has to do with the infrared spectrum, and how Face ID scans your face. Apple is that Face ID actually works in the infrared spectrum — specifically, between 930 and 950 nanometers — so sunglasses actually can work.

Does Face ID work with polarized sunglasses?

Unfortunately, if you wear polarized sunglasses or other lenses that interfere with your iPhone’s Face ID sensors, they may block Face ID from properly functioning.

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How do I fix Face ID error?

Sometimes simply updating your iPhone to the latest software version will remedy the issue of Face ID not working. All you need to do is go to Settings > General > Software Update to check for and install any available updates.

Can I make Face ID work with a mask?

Create an Alternative Appearance

With Face ID, you can add an alternate appearance which takes your face mask into consideration. To set up an alternative appearance on Face ID, go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode. Next, enter your passcode and click Set Up an Alternative Appearance.

What is Face ID alternate appearance?

Apple’s Face ID allows users to “Set Up an Alternate Appearance,” a feature that allows a second user’s face to unlock the iPhone — or, with some improvising, could allow the iPhone to unlock when the primary user is wearing a mask. For the purposes of this solution, the “somebody else” is you, wearing a mask.

Can you use Face ID with your eyes closed?

Yes. You’ll have to edit your settings under Face ID & Passcode – “Require attention for Face ID”and you should be able to unlock with your eyes closed.