Can I wear false eyelashes after LASIK?

Yes, you can wear false eye lashes after Laser Eye Surgery, but ask that you wait one week after Laser Eye Surgery to ensure sufficient healing time.

Can I put on fake lashes after LASIK?

Can I wear eyelash extensions? We suggest you wait at least 1 month following surgery to avoid getting debris or glue in your eyes.

When can I do eyelash extensions after LASIK?

Can I get eyelash extensions after my Lasik treatment? We do not recommend eyelash extensions before a minimum resting period of 1-3 months. Please seek the advice of your attending physician before making your appointment.

What if I get an eyelash in my eye after LASIK?

So, what SHOULD a LASIK patient do, if they get an eyelash or a dust particle in their eye during the first couple weeks after LASIK? It’s simple actually – flush the eye with artificial tears. That’ll get the intruder out with no rubbing. Our 20/20 team asks that you skip eye makeup for a few days after LASIK.

How do you get rid of crusty eyelashes after Lasik?

When drying off, do not directly rub or bump your eye. If you have any crustiness on your lashes from the artificial tears, they are best cleaned with careful use of a clean washcloth soaked in warm water. Do not go swimming, use a hot tub, spa or whirlpool for at least 10 days to reduce the risk of infection.

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Can you wear false eyelashes during surgery?

Avoid false eyelashes – anesthesiologists put tape over your eyes prior to surgery to protect them during the procedure. When they remove the tape, the false eyelashes might come off. Do not wear makeup, jewelry or contact lenses.

What shouldn’t you do after LASIK?

Refrain from going swimming for 3 weeks. The water in swimming pools, hot tubs, and the ocean carry high levels of bacteria that you should avoid at all costs. Your LASIK surgeon will advise you not to exercise for 1 week after surgery. Refrain from wearing eye makeup for 1 month after surgery.

How long does it take the corneal flap to heal after LASIK?

The corneal flap will begin the healing process immediately following the surgery and will be significantly healed in one to three days following the procedure. During this time the outer surface of the cornea (also known as the epithelium) will seal the edges of the newly created corneal flap.

When can I clean my eyelids after LASIK?

Generally speaking, you should wait at least 24 hours after LASIK before washing your face. This is the same guideline that we give our patients for showering. As with showering, you need to avoid getting soap and water in your eyes for a minimum of several days.