Can I use my HSA for non prescription glasses?

Over-the-counter glasses and sunglasses that do not require a prescription are not covered under a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) plan. … However, non-prescription reading eyeglasses are eligible for reimbursement under an FSA and HSA. They are not covered under dependent-care plans.

Can I buy non prescription blue light glasses with HSA?

Is it the same for FSA? Most of the time you can put your FSA and HSA dollars towards a pair of non-prescription Blue Light glasses. Sometimes there is a minimum requirement for reimbursement, so it’s always best to check with your provider and plan to understand the terms.

How many pairs of glasses can I buy with HSA?

FSA/HSA funds can be used to purchase prescription eyewear and/or frames, whether you have vision insurance or not. As long as you check how much you have in fund savings, there is no limit on how many pairs of glasses or prescription sunglasses you can buy.

Can you use FSA for non prescription glasses?

No. Sunglasses are only eligible for reimbursement with an FSA if they contain prescription lenses. Non prescription sunglasses do not assist with vision correction, therefore they are not eligible for FSA reimbursement.

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Can you use HSA account for vision?

HSA – You can use your HSA to pay for eligible health care, dental, and vision expenses for yourself, your spouse, or eligible dependents (children, siblings, parents, and others who are considered an exemption under Section 152 of the tax code).

Can I use HSA to buy frames?

FSA/HSA funds can be used to purchase prescription eyewear and/or frames. FSA/HSA funds can be used whether you have vision insurance or not.

Are blue light glasses FSA eligible?

While blue light blocking glasses aren’t typically FSA-eligible, you may be able to be reimbursed for a portion or all of the cost if you need them for treatment of a medical condition.

Are eyeglass cases FSA eligible?

Eyeglass frames alone cannot be reimbursed, but a completed set of eyeglasses included prescription lenses and frames is eligible for reimbursement (Internal Revenue Service). … Associated items for prescription eyeglasses include cases, cleaning cloths, anti-moisture and fog drops, repair kits, nose pads, and more.

Can I use my HSA to buy sunglasses online?

The answer is “yes!” Both clear prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses are covered by HSAs and FSAs, so you can use funds from your HSA or FSA to purchase these products.