Where should eyeglasses be stored?

If you are storing your eyeglasses, you should store them in a case. If a case is not available to you, you could wrap them in a microfiber pouch to help protect them from scratches. Make sure you also set them down correctly for temporary storage on surfaces.

Where do you store your eyeglasses?

Always store your eyeglasses in a clean storage case, and NEVER place them on a table or counter with the lenses facing down. If you don’t have a glasses case handy, place your glasses upside down with the temples open — somewhere safe, where they won’t get knocked off a table or countertop.

How do you store prescription glasses?


  1. Do use a hard case that’s the right size for your glasses. …
  2. Do get a backup case so you have one on hand if your primary case breaks or if you forget your primary case.
  3. Do place your glasses in their case with the lenses facing upward.

Where to put glasses when not using them?

How to Wear Sunglasses When You Don’t Have Them On

  1. Wear Them On Your Head. This is probably the most common way to wear your sunglasses when they’re not on your face. …
  2. Use a Neck Strap. …
  3. Use a Lanyard. …
  4. Hang Them On Your Shirt.
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Should you fold glasses?

It may seem like a good idea to fold your glasses and put them on a flat surface, but this can actually end up scratching the lenses if they’re lens side down, Kirsch says. Storing them back in a case is always a safe bet, but if you must, it’s better to put your glasses down with the lenses facing up.

How do I display my glasses?

5 Storage Hacks for Your Sunglasses

  1. Photo Frame Sunglasses Rack.
  2. Coat Hanger Sunglasses Rack.
  3. IKEA Trivet Sunglasses Display.
  4. Canvas and Ribbons Sunglasses Holder.
  5. Coat Hooks and Wood Display.

Can I sleep with my glasses on?

For a start, you won’t need to wear glasses to sleep, but be sure to remove them so as not to bend the frames or damage the lenses in bed. Also, while you can wear your prescription glasses outdoors, you may find you need a better solution when it comes to blocking UV rays and seeing clearly in bright sunshine.

How do I keep my glasses safe?

Tips To Maintain Glasses

  1. Always rinse your glasses off with water before wiping or cleaning them. …
  2. NEVER use paper towels, tissue, or napkins to dry your lenses. …
  3. Hold your frames by gripping the piece that crosses the bridge of the nose. …
  4. Store your glasses when you’re not wearing them. …
  5. Don’t lay your glasses lens down.

Should I hang my glasses on my shirt?

Hang them On Your Shirt / Top

This is a great way of wearing them when you’re not wearing them – and it looks super stylish for both men and women. As long as you’re not in constant action, you won’t risk them falling off or onto the floor and if you have buttons, you can hook the arm through for extra security.

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Why don’t my glasses fit anymore?

First, run your frames under warm water; about 30 to 60 seconds will do. If your plastic frames are sliding down your nose, apply a slight inward and downward pressure to tighten the fit behind the ears. If your frames are putting too much weight on your nose, apply outward and upward pressure.

Is it OK to clean glasses with water?

Run your glasses under lukewarm water (NOT hot water). Using a small drop of dish soap on your fingertips, rub both sides of the lenses and nose pads gently. Rinse the eyeglasses with warm water and dry gently with a clean microfiber cloth.

How often should you wipe your glasses?

We recommend that you wash your glasses every morning to keep them scratch-free and looking their best every day. Before cleaning your glasses, make sure your hands are free from any dirt or oils that could smudge your lenses. Wash with a lotion-free soap and dry off with a clean, lint-free towel.

How often should you tighten your glasses?

Have them adjusted once or twice per year.

If you go back to where you got them every six months to one year, they will most likely adjust your glasses free of charge.