Where can I send old prescription glasses?

Where do I send unwanted prescription glasses?

Drop your glasses at a charity shop

If your local shop doesn’t accept donations of specs, you can post them off to some charities instead. Lions Club, for example, collects old glasses at its clubs around the country; however, if you don’t live near one, you can post your spectacles directly to them.

Where can I send old glasses UK?

You can donate them at many branches of Vision Express, Specsavers and Boots Opticians as well as many independant opticians. Onesight accepts used and broken glasses and transfers them for responsible recycling. Lions Clubs around the UK collect spectacles for reuse via Chichester Lions.

What can I do with old prescription glasses?

Carefully wrap your old frames in a padded envelope and drop them off at your local Lions Club. Or send them to any of the 13 Lions Club eyeglass-recycling donation center locations. These centers clean, sort, and ship donations.

Can you donate old prescription glasses?

You cannot put old spectacles or glasses in your household recycling bin; however, you can donate them to charity. … Many do – they are donated to charities who send them to developing countries. Some charities such as Marie Curie will accept unwanted spectacles at their shops.

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Is there a charity that takes old glasses UK?

Lions Clubs throughout the UK collect unwanted and damaged spectacles. … In addition, volunteers from the ‘Unite for Sight’ charity are supplied with spectacles to take with them on missions to countries across the world.

Can you donate old glasses to Specsavers?

Specsavers glasses recycling program

To make a difference, simply bring your pre-loved glasses into your local Specsavers store and place them in the glasses recycling box or hand them to a team member.

Do boots take old glasses?

Specsavers, VisionExpress and Boots Opticians will accept used glasses for recycling supporting Lions Club International. You can also drop your glasses in to many charity shops including Marie Curie. … Boots and John Lewis have a recycling scheme for empty make-up and toiletry containers.

Does Walmart take old prescription glasses?

Walmart and Sam’s Club— Walmart Vision Centers partners with the Lions Club to collect eyewear. Look for the blue and white Lions Club donation box, or ask your local Walmart if it accepts donations. … Call those in your area to find out which ones have recycling or donations programs for glasses.

Is it worth it to donate eyeglasses?

Donating Your Glasses Helps Those Who Cannot Afford Lenses or Frames. As someone who wears glasses, you know how expensive they can be. Even when prescription lenses are covered by your vision insurance, finding frames that fit and are affordable can take time and effort.

Does Costco take old prescription glasses?

Support and Partnerships. Costco has partnered with New Eyes to donate all members’ used glasses from Costco’s Optical Centers in their warehouses throughout the United States. To date, New Eyes has received 100,000 used eyeglasses.

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