Quick Answer: What does cataract mean in Egypt?

In fact, “cataract” means both an opacity of the lens and a torrent of water and is derived from the Greek word kataráktēs meaning the fall of water. … A wall painting in an ancient tomb at Thebes (about 1200 B.C.) seems to reveal the treatment of an eye by an oculist.

Why are cataracts important in Egypt?

Nile’s cataracts helped and hurt Egypt by flooding every year and bringing down boulders and trees. The Egyptians were protected from invaders due to their geographical features. Furthermore, the cataracts in the Nile to the south protected the Egyptians from lands below them. The cataracts were river rapids.

What is a cataract in Egypt for kids?

The cataracts of the Nile are areas between Aswan and Khartoum where the water is shallow and flows quickly. The surface is broken by numerous small boulders and stones that lie on the river bed, as well as many small rocky islets. This is called “rapids or “white water”.

Did ancient Egypt have cataracts?

The first documented case of cataract is on a statue from the fifth dynasty (about 2457–2467 bc) contained in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt. It confirms that old Egyptians knew this disease. Scientists have often discussed whether cataract was first operated on in ancient Egypt.

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What does pharaoh mean in Egyptian?

As ancient Egyptian rulers, pharaohs were both the heads of state and the religious leaders of their people. The word “pharaoh” means “Great House,” a reference to the palace where the pharaoh resides. While early Egyptian rulers were called “kings,” over time, the name “pharaoh” stuck.

What does dynasty mean in ancient Egypt?

In ancient Egyptian history, dynasties are series of rulers sharing a common origin. They are usually, but not always, traditionally divided into 32 pharaonic dynasties; these dynasties are commonly grouped into “kingdoms” and “intermediate periods”.

What does cataracts mean in social studies?

Cataract. a large waterfall, any strong flood or rush of water.

What does delta mean in Egypt?

River in Egypt. Deltas are wetlands that form as rivers empty their water and sediment into another body of water. … The upper delta, influenced by the Nile’s flow, is the most inland portion of the landform.

How did cataracts affect Egypt and Nubia?

How did the cataracts of the Nile affect Nubian trade? The cataracts prevented Nubians from trading by traveling on the river, so Nubian trade routes had to be over land. … Kemet means “the black lands.” They referred to their land this way because it was composed of the dark soil left by the Nile’s floods.