Question: Can you wear swimming goggles after LASIK?

You should still wear goggles when swimming. 3 weeks after surgery: You can engage in all water sports, including high-impact activities such as water polo, but you must still wear protective goggles. 4 weeks after surgery: You can swim without goggles and open your eyes underwater.

How long after LASIK can I go swimming?

Swimming During LASIK Recovery

When it comes to soaking in hot tubs or swimming, you’ll need to wait for a little while. Our laser vision correction surgeons recommend that you steer clear of those activities for two weeks after LASIK.

How long after LASIK do I wear goggles?

How long do I need to wear sunglasses? Your eyes are especially sensitive for the first week after you have LASIK. Plan to wear sunglasses for at least the first week after your LASIK procedure. Also, even post-LASIK surgery, you should continue wearing sunglasses.

Can you wear goggles after eye surgery?

We typically recommend that patients wear these goggles for the remainder of the day following surgery. However, patients should wear these protective goggles while sleeping for at least the first night of recovery.

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Can you swim in the sea after LASIK?

Oceans/Lakes- Ocean and lake water may contain pathogens, leading to a slightly higher risk of infection after LASIK. Give yourself at least 2+ weeks before swimming in oceans, lakes, or rivers.

Can I swim after laser eye surgery?

However, it’s recommended that you don’t swim within two weeks of your procedure and when you do, it’s important that you take the right precautions by using protective eyewear, such as goggles. You should wait at least one month before taking part in high impact or contact sports.

Can I use my phone after LASIK?

Give Your Eyes some Downtime after LASIK

You’ll want to rest your eyes for the first day of your recovery in order to give them a chance to heal properly. As part of this rest, we recommend that you avoid looking at screens of any kind — TV, phone, computer or tablet — for 24 hours after LASIK.

What happens if you accidentally rub your eye after LASIK?

Rubbing your eyes.

Rubbing your eyes after LASIK can easily lead to a dislodged flap, which can cause serious damage to the cornea and damage to vision.

How can I protect my eyes after LASIK?

What does proper postoperative LASIK care entail?

  1. Wear sunglasses. …
  2. Don’t overdo it on the reading. …
  3. Avoid risky activities. …
  4. Ditch the eye makeup for a week. …
  5. Avoid swimming and hot tubs. …
  6. Try not to smoke. …
  7. Wait until you get the go-ahead from your doctor to drive.

What goggles do you wear after LASIK?

Immediately following your procedure you will be given dark goggles to wear home and for the first few days of recovery. In addition to protecting your eyes from harmful light, these goggles also protect from rubbing the eyes during this important stage of recovery when the LASIK flap could become easily damaged.

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Why do you get goggles after LASIK?

Also known as eye shields, special goggles are worn after LASIK surgery as a protective measure. These goggles help prevent patients from making accidental contact with their eyes, such as rubbing their eyes at night while they sleep or having foreign objects accidentally come into contact with the eyes.

Do you still have to wear glasses after LASIK?

LASIK surgery permanently corrects vision problems like myopia (nearsightedness), usually eliminating the need for glasses or contact lenses immediately after the procedure.