How do the British say sunglasses?

I live in the Midlands in England, we would call them “sunnies” or just “sunglasses”. In the 90s very dark sunglasses became fashionable and we called them “shades” but I haven’t heard this used in a long time.

What do British call sunglasses?

England. The English put on their sunglasses and sunnies, the same terms primarily used in the U.S., while some people use shades to describe frames with dark lenses that make it difficult to see the wearer’s eyes.

How do Australians say sunglasses?

What caught my eye was the reference to Tom Ford “sunnies”–sunnies being Australian shorthand for sunglasses. All citations for the term in both the Oxford English Dictionary and Green’s Dictionary of Slang are from Australian or New Zealand sources.

What sunnies mean?

/ (ˈsʌnɪz) / pl n. informal a pair of sunglasses.

What is the right word sunglass or sunglasses?

Singular form of sunglasses; used chiefly in compounds. A sunglass holder. (archaic) A convex lens of glass for producing heat by converging the sun’s rays into a focus. Lighting a cigar with a sunglass “” Hawthorne.

What is a slang word for sunglasses?

Shades – A slang word for sunglasses derived from sun-shades. Sun Cheaters – Another slang word for sunglasses used in the early 20th century. Glare – A shiny or intense reflection from a flat surface. Glints – A term for sunglasses that originated from the reflection from the frames when someone is wearing sunglasses.

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Do Americans say shades?

Yes, absolutely, although its usage has shifted a bit over the years. It used to be something more associated with hip, cool cats. E.g. “hey man, like my new shades?” Nowadays, you’d be more likely to hear it without affect from almost anyone.

Is sunnies an Australian word?

Australian English is replete with such words: ‘barbie’ (a barbecue), ‘mushie’ (a mushroom), ‘prezzie’ (a present), and ‘sunnies’ (sunglasses) to name just a few. … These two words are used elsewhere but are often stereotypically associated with Australian English.

How is Gaol pronounced?

The ‘g’ of ‘gaol’ is a soft g. The original is the English county of Berkshire, which is pronounced Bark-sher. It’s following a standard English pronunciation, in the same way that the placename Derby is pronounced Darby, and a clerk is pronounced clark.

How do you pronounce Cay?

“Cay” is usually pronounced the same way (KEE), but some dictionaries give an alternate pronunciation, KAY. “Quay” was originally pronounced KEE, and that’s still the preferred pronunciation (it was once spelled “key”).

What variety of English is the word sunnies?

plural noun. Sunglasses. ‘Lounging in his cafe seat, sipping cappuccino, he boasted the trademarks of a star – dark sunnies, black attire, air of confidence.

What does hair up mean?

To tie or secure one’s hair in a style that is raised above and away from one’s face, as in a ponytail or bun I always put my hair up when I’m working. I didn’t have time to do anything fancy with my hair, so I just put it up before I went to work.

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Can we say a sunglasses?

The noun sunglasses is plural only. The plural form of sunglasses is also sunglasses.

Why do we say a pair of sunglasses?

Because it’s two “glasses”—one glass for each eye. Hence “pair” and hence “glasses.” That was the history of the word “eyeglasses” and “sunglasses” has inherited the same scheme.