How do I know my Ray Ban size?

Most of our sunglasses and eyeglasses have the size measurement printed on the inside of the left temple (the piece that goes behind your ear). This usually consists of three numbers – sometimes only the first two are printed – similar to this: 50 20 150.

What is standard size Ray Bans?

The Three Ray-Ban Wayfarer sizes are 52, 55 and 58. 55 is a standard fit and will fit most faces. 58 is much larger. Finally, the size 52 is the smallest size available.

What size is medium in Ray-Ban?

“Medium” – Our medium option is under ’58’ on the size guide which represents the 58mm lens option. This option range is the most popular size that people normally purchase as it is not too big, nor too small. If you are undecided on what lens size to get, the medium will be your best bet.

What size is 50 in Ray Bans?

The 50 refers to the width of each lens, which is 50mm. It’ a pretty standard size and fits small to medium faces. Another measurement to consider is the height of the lens, also known as the “B measurement.” The B measurement for these is 40mm tall.

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How do I know my size in sunglasses?

You can measure the distance between your temples to find the perfect sunglass size for your face. Start by looking into a mirror and then placing a straight ruler so it is lined up with each temple. Measure the distance across your face, from one temple to the other. That distance is the best frame size for your face.

What is the standard size for Ray-Ban clubmaster?

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster RB3016 is the most popular, classic Clubmaster. The RB3016 currently comes in two different lens sizes, 49mm and 51mm.

What does 58mm mean for sunglasses?

When the sunglass size is indicated as “58mm”, this refers to the width of one of the lenses in the sunglasses. Above you see an image and the size “58mm” is measurement “A”, or the width of one of the lenses at it’s widest point.

How do Ray-Ban sunglasses fit?

Hold it to your nose and compare the size of the card to the distance between the center of your nose and the outside edge of your eye. For most people, the outside of the eye is close to the edge of the card. If your eye is significantly beyond the edge of the card, you need a large size.

Is 54 mm sunglasses big?

The 50mm is considered a small / medium lens size, and the 54mm is considered a large frame. The RB2140 is also now available in a 47mm, which is a much smaller frame size. … The 52mm is considered a small / medium size, and the 55mm is considered large. This style is also available with some polarized lens options.

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What sunglasses fit my face?

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