Can you wear sunglasses in Air Force PT gear?

Can you wear sunglasses with Air Force PT gear?

2 Eyeglasses/sunglasses — Frames may be a conservative color: black, brown, white, dark blue, gray or transparent material, gold or silver wire. Brand-name glasses may be worn with small logo on frames or lenses.

What kind of sunglasses can you wear in the Air Force?

Eyeglass lenses that are conservative, clear, slightly tinted, or have photosensitive lenses may be worn in uniform while indoors or while in military formation. When outdoors and in uniform, sunglasses and eyeglasses must have lenses and frames that are conservative; faddish or mirrored lenses are prohibited.

Can I wear sunglasses in Ocps?

Wear of eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses

Wear of eyeglasses and sunglasses. … Soldiers may not wear lenses with extreme or trendy colors, which include but are not limited to, red, yellow, blue, purple, bright green, or orange. Lens colors must be traditional gray, brown, or dark green shades.

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Can sunglasses be worn in uniform?

Soldiers are not allowed to wear sunglasses in the field, unless specifically specified otherwise by their commander. … Soldiers are not allowed to attach ribbons, chains, and bands with their sunglasses. The rules restrict the soldiers from hanging their sunglasses and sunglass cases on their uniform.

Can you wear sunglasses in army PT?

a. Wear of eyeglasses and sunglasses. (1) Conservative civilian prescription eyeglasses are authorized for wear with all uniforms. … Individuals who are required by medical authority to wear sunglasses for medical reasons other than refractive error may wear them, except when health or safety considerations apply.

Can you wear Airpods in uniform Air Force?

Wear/use of an earpiece, any Bluetooth wireless technology or headphones, while in uniform, indoors or outdoors, is authorized for official duties or as determined by installation commanders, to be delegated no lower than squadron commanders.

Does the Air Force pay for glasses?

Active Duty Members & Activated Guard/Reserve

Active duty members & activated guard & reserve members can get a yearly eye exam and military-issued glasses as necessary from their medical/vision clinic. Sunglasses are available if mission necessary.

Can I wear earrings in the Air Force?

Off Duty on a Military Installation

Members are prohibited from attaching, affixing or displaying objects, articles, jewelry or ornamentation to or through the ear, nose, tongue, or any exposed body part (includes visible through clothing). Pierced earlobes on women are allowed but should not be extreme or excessive.

Can Air Force females wear earrings?

No. The rules for facial piercings in the Air Force are strict. Nose rings and nose studs are not allowed. A woman can wear a pair of stud earrings, but all other facial piercings are prohibited.

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Can you be in the military with glasses?

Poor vision typically will not limit your ability to serve in the U.S. Military, so long as your vision problem can be suitably corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses or vision correction surgery. … Conservative civilian prescription eyeglasses are authorized for wear with all uniforms.

Why do soldiers wear Oakleys?

A lot of marines prefer to buy Oakley, because the sunglasses are light, durable and long lasting. The Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL) is made from the recommendation of several opthamologists, so that the eyes remain protected during combat.

What kind of sunglasses do soldiers wear?

#1 – Oakley OO9188 Flak™ 2.0 XL

Well, nearly all soldiers in the Army and Marines are given them as part of their overall uniform issue. In short, these are truly the most official military sunglasses you can buy. The Oakley OO9188 Flak™ 2.0 X combines next-level performance, with innovative style.

What are military glasses called?

GI glasses are eyeglasses issued by the American military to its service members. Dysphemisms for them include the most common “birth control glasses” (also called “BCGs”) and other variants.

Can you wear sunglasses in basic training?

Once you receive your government-issue glasses (a few days after your eye examination), they are the only glasses you are allowed to wear while at basic training. If you don’t really need glasses to see, you won’t be required to wear them.

Can you wear Oakleys in the army?

The Oakley® SI Uniform Collection is a colorway authorized for wear in all uniforms, both military and law enforcement. For the military, the collection falls within the eyewear guidelines in AR670-1.

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