Can you be an astronaut with bad eyesight?

The new ruling would also make it possible for people born with poor vision to become astronauts. Poor distant vision – less than 20/200 uncorrected vision, and less than 20/20 corrected vision – is the number one reason for disqualification from NASA.

Can you not be an astronaut with glasses?

The ability to pass the NASA long-duration astronaut physical. Distant and near visual acuity must be correctable to 20/20 for each eye. The use of glasses is acceptable.

What disqualifies you from being an astronaut?

Being too tall or too short. “The last time it recruited a new batch of astronauts, in 2003, the minimum height was 4 feet, 10½; the maximum was 6 feet, 4 inches. “It would be the wrong thing to do to select people who aren’t going to fit in your spaceship,” says Duane Ross, NASA’s head of astronaut selection.

Do you have to have perfect eyesight to be an astronaut?

Having good eyesight

Like airline pilots, astronauts have to have 20/20 vision, though applicants won’t be disqualified if they have 20/20 vision aided by eyeglasses. Aspiring astronauts who have surgery to correct their vision to 20/20 have to wait at least a year after surgical procedure before training starts.

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Can a person with specs become astronaut?

And with the vision, as long as your vision is correctable to 20/20, it’s no problem if you wear glasses. We normally pick our astronauts when they’re about mid 30s anywhere from 30 to 38 usually is kind of the average age of a person being selected as an astronaut.

Can you be an astronaut if you are colorblind?

He is “colorblind.” And jet pilots can’t be colorblind! They have to be able to see all colors. Crouch kept trying to be a pilot, but without success. … At that time, astronauts had to be able to see all colors, just like jet pilots.

What IQ do you need to be an astronaut?

However I have found confirmation that must astronauts IQ is between 130 and 144, with a mean of 136. You can average those but they are from a group of 18 people, which is not really enough to find an accurate average.

How tall do you have to be to be a astronaut?

Additional requirements include the ability to pass the NASA long-duration space flight physical, which includes the following specific requirements: Distant and near visual acuity must be correctable to 20/20 in each eye, blood pressure not to exceed 140/90 measured in a sitting position, and the candidate must have a …

Is there a weight limit for astronauts?

Aside from being in excellent health, prospective astronauts must meet the following requirements: — Measure between 149.5 cm and 190.5 cm (4-10 and 6-3), and weigh between 50 and 95 kilograms (110 and 209 pounds). — Have 20/20 vision, or better, in each eye, with or without correction. — Cannot be colour blind.

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