Best answer: Is it safe to use hydrogen peroxide to clean contact lenses?

“You should never put hydrogen peroxide directly into your eyes or on your contact lenses,” Lepri says. That’s because this kind of solution can cause stinging, burning, and damage—specifically to your cornea (the clear surface that covers your eye).

Can contacts be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Hydrogen peroxide solutions are used for disinfecting and storing soft contact lenses. This type of solution should never be used for rinsing contacts and never go directly into the eyes, because it can cause burning and irritation. … Never use this solution with other cases.

How do you use hydrogen peroxide on contacts?

How does it work? To clean your lenses, place them in the designated case that is freshly filled with the hydrogen peroxide solution and soak them for 6-8 hours. This can be a one-step or two-step process, depending on the product.

How do you neutralize hydrogen peroxide for contacts?

It is essential to soak your lenses for at least six hours to fully neutralize the peroxide solution. If you do not follow this you may feel burning and stinging and your lenses may not be properly disinfected.

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Can you go blind from hydrogen peroxide?

Eye exposure to 3% hydrogen peroxide may result in redness and stinging, but severe injury is rare. More concentrated solution may result in ulceration or perforation of the cornea. Permanent eye injury, including blindness, can result.

How do you disinfect contact lenses?

Hydrogen peroxide solution is for cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing and storing your contact lenses. With this product, you place your lenses in the provided basket and rinse them, then place the basket in its cup and fill the cup with solution to clean and disinfect your lenses.

Can I use hydrogen peroxide instead of clear care?

Hydrogen peroxide solution

Hydrogen peroxide solutions (such as Clear Care by Alcon) do not contain any preservatives and can be a good option for people with more sensitive eyes or for people who have a lot of allergies.

What else can be used for contact solution?

Other alternatives for contact solution: Saline!

Most people have a saline solution at home; either from nasal spray or to clean babies’ eyes. Saline is one of a few alternatives for contact solution as a temporary storage liquid to keep contact lenses hydrated and lubricated.

Can hydrogen peroxide permanently damage your eye?

The hydrogen peroxide used in contact lens solutions is low strength. It may make your eyes feel uncomfortable, but it won’t cause permanent damage to your eyes or vision if treated.

Can peroxide damage your eyes?

Hydrogen peroxide placed directly into the eyes or on your contact lenses can cause stinging, burning, and temporary corneal damage. When using hydrogen peroxide you must follow the disinfecting process with a neutralizer.

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Does hydrogen peroxide have side effects?

Ingestion of hydrogen peroxide may cause irritation of the gastrointestinal tract with nausea, vomiting, haematemesis and foaming at the mouth; the foam may obstruct the respiratory tract or result in pulmonary aspiration.