Best answer: Can LASIK cause cataract?

No, LASIK does not cause cataracts. Cataracts can be treated for a person who has had LASIK in the past. If a patient currently has cataracts that are affecting vision, then LASIK is not recommended, and the patient should have cataract surgery instead.

Can you get cataracts after laser surgery?

Can you have Cataract surgery after LASIK? The answer is quite simply: yes, you can. While LASIK treats the cornea, cataract surgery treats and replaces the lens within the eye.

Is there typically long term damage to eyes after LASIK surgery?

Risks. Complications that result in a loss of vision are very rare. But certain side effects of LASIK eye surgery, particularly dry eyes and temporary visual problems such as glare, are fairly common. These usually clear up after a few weeks or months, and very few people consider them to be a long-term problem.

Can LASIK surgery prevent cataracts?

Fact Checking LASIK Surgery

LASIK DOES NOT increase or decrease the likelihood of developing cataracts. LASIK DOES NOT prevent one from having cataract surgery. LASIK DOES NOT make cataract surgery more difficult, or risky. LASIK DOES make the calculation of the correct IOL power less accurate.

Does prior LASIK surgery affect cataract surgery?

The truth is that prior LASIK patients can undergo successful cataract surgery. However, to increase the chances of a successful cataract procedure it’s extremely important to tell your ophthalmologist about your LASIK history.

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Does cornea grow back after LASIK?

Instead of making the corneal flap, the surgeon removes the epithelium, the outermost layer of the cornea. After surgery, the epithelial layer will grow back.

How many years does LASIK last?

LASIK can last a lifetime, 20 years, or 10 years. The lasting effects of the procedure depend upon multiple factors, including the age of the patient at the time of the procedure and medical conditions that one may develop as one ages that may affect eyesight.

Can you do LASIK twice?

A second procedure is necessary if refractive errors were not corrected during LASIK. If a second procedure has been deemed necessary, another flap will be created. Most surgeons won’t perform a second LASIK procedure unless it’s 5-10 years after LASIK.