Blind Dreams

Wondering what a blind person dreams? This article nicely summarizes some of what we see in blind dreams. Yes, I was surprised to read a Business Weekly article that made sense, but let us cover a few points.

Yes I dream with high definition video. Granted the people are generally wearing clothes and are portrayed by people from my past whom I have stored their likeness. Its great to ask my wife what someone looks like after dreaming about them and imposing theier voices upon a supermodel’s body or a bully’s face, but this based on who the person reminds me of. same goes with backgrounds, like one from last night that took place in a friend’s yard in Texas, despite the dream occurring in Florida. But whom am I to complain to if the wrong actor or backdropped is used.

So what about dreams featuring new situations? well, Van Gough and Salvador Dali comes to mind. The imagery ranges from non-descriptive images to abstract concepts based on feelings and relationships. These are actually interesting to reflect upon given the complex nature of the dreams.

If you place stock in dream analysis, Yes this is possible, too. this occurs a little differently. First off, I do not predict the future with dreams, rather I just reflect upon possible emotional reactions the dreams are in response towards. For example, my separation from the military was preceded with dreams filled with chaos and separation from my family should I elect to stay in. The dreams provided enough visualization to recognize these signs, but not precisely in a clear picture. In other dreams with little imagery like a few colors, My take aways stems from emotions. Most notably are repeating nightmares filled with raw emotions of fear and loneliness cast upon a pure black backdrop.

So us blind folks do dream with a degree of visual stimuli. This might be like a retro movie to an abstract painting. Yes we see in our dreams and yes we can sense our feelings in our dreams. What is different is the precise visualizations in our dreams.