Basic Voice Over Gestures

A suspension bridge spans the logo with the acronym BVT in the middle. Beneath the bridge the words Blind Vet Tech appears. The bottom of the logo contains morse code reading Technology Association for Veterans with Visual Impairments.
In this Blind Vet Tech Quick Guides and Tutorials podcast, we describe how to activate a Voice Over mode allowing you to practice basic gestures. Secondly, we review the basic one, two, three, and four finger Voice Over gestures. If you are new to Voice Over, this is a great podcast to keep on hand to learn how to interact with your iPhone or iPad. To follow along you will need to have Voice Over enabled. Here are some of the key concepts from the podcast:

Activating the Voice Over Practice Mode

  • Preform a four finger double tap to activate and deactivate the practice mode
  • Navigate to your Voice Over settings and select Voice Over practice
  • With a bluetooth keyboard, press Control Option, and K

One Finger Gestures

  • One finger touching the screen allow you to explore the screen
  • One finger double tap activates a button or control
  • One finger triple tap double taps on a control
  • One finger left or right advances the Voice Over cursor to the left or right
  • One finger swipe up or down changes to the next item based on rotor setting

Two Finger Gestures

  • Two finger single tap pauses or resumes Voice Over’s speech
  • Two finger double taps stops/plays media, answers or hangs up a phone call, and similar starting or pausing options
  • two finger swipe down causes Voice Over to continuously read from its current place to the end of the document
  • Two finger swipe up causes Voice Over to read everything on the page starting from the very top to bottom
  • Two finger scrubbing motion acts as a cancel or escape key
  • Placing one finger on the screen over a button or control and touching the screen anywhere else preforms a split tap, which is the same as a one finger double tap
  • Two fingers turning a dial changes the rotor setting

Three Finger Gestures

  • Three finger single tap announces Voice Over’s current page or row
  • Three finger double tap mutes or unmutes Voice Over
  • Three finger triple tap turns on screen curtain, which basically turns the screen dark so no one can see the screen
  • Three finger quadruple tap copies the text of the last statement from Voice Over
  • Three finger swipe left or right advances to the next page, like in a book
  • Three finger swipe up or down advances up or down a page or list
  • Three finger swipe down with Voice Over’s focus in the menu bar pulls down the Notification menu
  • Three finger swipe up with Voice Over’s focus on the menu bars brings up the Control Panel
  • Four Finger Gestures

    • Four finger double tap activates and deactivates the Voice Over practice mode
    • Four finger single tap towards the top of the screen moves the Voice Over focus to the top most element on a page
    • Four finger single tap towards the bottom of the screen moves the Voice Over focus to the bottom most element of a page

    We hope you enjoy this tutorial describing the basic gestures you can perform with Voice Over.