Backing Up an iPhone with iCloud

A suspension bridge spans the logo with the acronym BVT in the middle. Beneath the bridge the words Blind Vet Tech appears. The bottom of the logo contains morse code reading Technology Association for Veterans with Visual Impairments.
In this Blind Vet Tech Quick Guides and Tutorials podcast, we will explore how to backup an iPhone or iPad using iCloud. By default, Apple provides all Apple iTunes and iCloud users enough space to backup your iOS device to iCloud. This ensures you can restore or setup a new device without connecting to a computer, something particularly useful if you are visiting an Apple Store. In this podcast we will be navigating to the following areas:

  • iCloud Storage Management:
    • Open your Settings App
    • Navigate to General
    • Navigate to Storage and iCloud
    • Find the Manage Storage button under iCloud to view and manage iCloud storage.
  • Enabling iCloud Backup:
    • Navigate to the Settings App’s main menu
    • Navigate to iCloud
    • Navigate to Backup
    • Turn on iCloud Backup and start a Backup

Thank you for listening to this Blind Vet Tech tutorial on using the iCloud Backup.