Adaptive Sporting and Recreational Resources

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Losing your sight should not end your participation in sports, recreational programs, and hobbies. However many individuals believe this, since they are not aware of resources and programs paving pathways back. For example, I would have never found hunting possible if not for KAMO Adventures’ willingness to take me out with an iScope. Likewise, visually impaired runners develop awesome relationships after finding sighted running guides on United In Stride.

Do not let your visual impairment terminate your favorite hobby or better yet find some new hobbies. Below is a list of those organizations, programs, and apps Blind Not Alone recommends you check out. Keep in mind some may be regional or require Veteran status to participate.

Running an Cycling Related
United in Stride
U.S. Blind Tandem Cycling Connection
Strava Fitness Tracking and Social Networking App

Outdoors and Wilderness Programs
Blind Endeavors
Team River Runner

Hunting and Fishing
Camp Hope
KAMO Adventures
A Heroes New Hope
Operation Project Healing Waters

General Fitness and Adaptive Sports
Blind Judo
Blind Alive
Go Ball
Beep Ball