Accommodating Sidewalks

Sidewalks represent the pathways within our communities and cities that connect everyone together. Its these paths between houses that many kids first learn to walk, run, and ride bikes. Its these areas we take to deliver welcome to the neighborhood baskets or. Its on these walkways groups of children move from house to house on Halloween. Its these areas of public accommodations the disabled navigate with wheelchairs, canes, and service animals.

Its also on sidewalks where people show their utter disregard and respect for their neighbors. Its on sidewalks residents and land owners tell those on sidewalks to shove off, by employing sprinklers to shoot jets of water into the faces of walkers and service animals. Its on sidewalks developers demonstrate that profit means more than building an inviting community by leaving debris, silt run off, and construction equipment. Its on sidewalks that many walkers, runners, and cyclists demonstrate rudeness by not saying hello or the direction they are passing another by. Its on sidewalks dog walkers stick their noses in the air by not cleaning up after their animals.

To experience these situations, all one needs to do is embark on a morning walk a couple of times during the week. In my own neighborhood, some sidewalks have been rendered unusable by my Service Dog and I thanks to high power sprinkler systems hitting me at eye level, immediately followed by a half of block of extremely slick silt washout, and finished with a long track of over grown weeks and low hanging branches. Another area of sidewalk has been removed for construction equipment,.

All of these imposes not only an inconvenience for Black Jack and I to walk freely in our neighborhood, but imposes a safety risk for everyone. Keep this in mind as you examine your own sidewalks, and talk it over with your neighbors. Sidewalks are classified as a public easement that the home owner has the responsibility to ensure its clear to bring us all together.