Voting Blind through Accessible Voting Machines

Editor’s Note: This article comes from Terry of New Mexico. He describes a recent visually impaired support group of his where Veterans learned how to use the accessible voting machines. It is important we each exercise our voting rights. To remain silent on November 8th is to deny your opinions related to local to national issues.

By Presidential Proclamation, President Obama declared Blind Americans Equality day in October. “Each day, blind and visually impaired Americans contribute to our society, refusing to allow anything to hold them back. In order to ensure more Americans with disabilities can continue participating fully in our country, we must each do our part to promote equal opportunity for all. On Blind Americans Equality Day, we reaffirm the inherent dignity of every human being and recommit to forging a future in which all Americans, including those with visual impairments, can pursue their full measure of happiness. More than two decades ago, one of the most comprehensive civil rights bills in our history, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), was signed into law. Ever since, the ADA has helped reduce discrimination and promote equal access to classrooms, workplaces, and transportation — and it is imperative that we build on the significant progress we have made for individuals living with disabilities.”

In celebration of the strides that people with vision disabilities have made, the Rio Grande BVA low vision support group reaffirmed the belief of our full participation in society. At our meeting on October 18, The Dona Ana County board of elections provided an accessible voting machine for our veterans to have a hands-on training in voting independently. The machine is available at all voting sites in our county and provides accessibility for people with physical and visual disabilities. Everyone at our meeting was amazed at how easy the voting machine is to use. The veterans learned that they can vote without assistance. The audio menu system is easy to navigate. Voting time can be reduced by downloading the ballot for your district in advance so that you can easily skim through the actual ballot.