Veteran resources

Below you will find an assortment of links and points of contacts specifically for Veterans. These include a variety of Department of Veterans Affairs centers and programs, state and federal programs, and numerous community and non-profits. Like any resource page, this will continue to grow and expand, so check back.

An objective of Blind Not Alone involves compiling resources and links related to disablement. Below are some of the other pages you might be interested in:

Blind Not Alone’s Veterans Pages

Here in Blind Not Alone, we have an array of pages for Veterans, focusing primarily on programs and initiatives for visually impaired Veterans. Here is a list of these pages.

Disablement Amongst Veterans

Disablement amongst Veterans arise in three main ways:

  • Service Connected disability, or the onset, aggravation, or development of a medical condition as the direct result of military service, i.e. combat injuries from enemy actions to military sexual traumas.
  • Presumptive Service Connected Disability, or the development of a medical condition that the Department of Veterans Affairs established a clinically significant correlation between military service and a medical condition, i.e. Diabetes related to Agent Orange to Gulf War Syndrome.
  • Age related conditions, medical conditions that once develops over life, are not connected to military service, and are not compensated under Department of Veterans Affairs disability compensation and pension benefits, i.e. Age Related Macular Degeneration.

For more information about the Department of Veterans Affairs disability benefits, click here.

Finding Help Filing a VA Disability Claim or Benefit Assistance

If you are or know of a Veteran with a disability that might have been caused by military service or wish to learn more about benefits and entitlements available, its highly encouraged to contact a Veterans Service Officer. These individuals provide Veterans or their dependents with information and assistance filing claims and navigating the VA system. All credible Veteran Service Officers conduct these duties at no cost to the Veteran, and often or located within the nearby VA medical center. As an additional benefit, a claim or benefit filed through a Service Officer generally processes faster and returns with a favorable outcome when compared to filing alone.

The below links will take you to information and resources related to Veteran Service Officers for filing a VA claim or entitlement:

This is not an all inclusive list, but rather those services found most beneficial and are easily accessible. It advisable to ask other Veterans in ones area for referrals and recommendations, as each region offers an array of options.

Other Veteran Resources and Links

Kansas State Benefits for Military, Veterans, and Disabled Veterans

Kansas offers the following benefits to its Military and Veteran citizens

  • Honorary High School diploma to those World War II and Korean War Veterans who left home to serve.
  • Free hunting and fishing licenses to National Guardsmen and disabled Veterans
  • Assortment of license plates
  • No state income tax on military retirements

Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs

The KCVA is the primary method the State of Kansas assists Veterans. This program is funded partially through the lottery system. It is charged with administering the following:

Veteran Related Organizations

Heartland Honor Flight

Blinded Veterans Association (BVA)

Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA)

American Legion

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Visually Impaired Veterans of America (ACB affiliate)

National Association of Blind Veterans (NFB affiliate)

Veteran Support Groups

There is no better method for a Veteran to understand and learn more about their conditions and how to overcome them than through peer support groups. Its in these settings we feel the most comfortable to share our experiences and stories in an effort to create cohesion and learn from each other. Where else might we turn to talk with someone who lived through the same situations as each of us might have. Below are support groups and organizations that are the most efficacious to turn towards and engage in your healing or transitioning process.

Mesothelioma Veterans Support Group

We are a charitable organization supporting the VFW and American Legion. With over 30% of all mesothelioma patients being Veterans, a main part of our mission is to spread mesothelioma awareness to Veterans and their family members. The reason this cancer targets so many veterans is because of the extensive amount of asbestos used in past military equipment. Our goal at the Mesothelioma Group is to increase awareness, improving survival rates and life expectancy.

Save A Warrior

One of the very few organizations serving all Warriors from our military Veterans to Law Enforcement and First Responders. SaW provides Warriors a transformative experience that touches upon ones psychological, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, reducing the impacts imposed by Post Traumatic Stress, Depression, chronic anxieties, and moral injuries.