Ping to Find a Lost iPhone

I cannot wait for the day mobile phones become an implant, as my iPhone seems to slip away from me. Until science fiction becomes reality, I am thankful for the ability to ping my iPhone from my Apple Watch. Haven’t you ever lost an iPhone in the seat cushions of a couch or experience one magically Apparite from your pocket onto the floor of your car? The Apple Watch’s Ping My iPhone allows you to tap on a button and listen for a a resonating ding. The ding itself nicely perfuses throughout rooms or in the case of my story below, a parking garage.

After situating Black Jack under my feet in a car, I immediately remove my iPhone and place it upon my lap. Unfortunately, my memory seems to create a black hole in remembering this fact, so hearing my iPhone hit the ground cues me into why its not in my pocket. This did not happen recently. After arriving at the University of Kansas Medical Center, Siri failed to announce its decision for a siesta under the car as my friend and I hurried onto campus.

Reaching the department where we each have class, it dawned on me something was missing from my pocket. Checking for the iPhone, I realized its absence, and dash back to the parking garage. Black Jack easily navigated us close enough so my Apple Watch could pair over bluetooth. Surprisingly, the range of the Apple Watch exceeds my bluetooth headset, as pairing definitely exceeded the 30 feet range consisting of cement, supports, cars, and other obstacles.

Turning to the Apple Watch’s glances for the iPhone, Voice Over proudly read how its paired to the iPhone. Swiping and tapping to the Pinging My iPhone option rang out the wondrous chime announcing the iPhone’s location. Black Jack guided me towards the sound, and in a few minutes and several pings later, Siri snuggly resumed resting inside my pocket.