Independence Through Dependence

Independence Day represents more than the United States’ declaration of independence, but its a day we all should reflect upon our freedoms and independence. A common misconception about independence and disabilities is the ability to be live independent while dependent upon others. What makes an independent lifestyle that requires assistance stems from the freedom to choose when, where, what, and how assistance is utilized.

For example, requesting sighted guidance to navigate an airport requires me to coordinate with the airport and accept assistance from the staff. My dependency upon the individual to go through the airport becomes a moment where I celebrate the ability to process through the ticketing counter, TSA, and then to the gate without incidence. If we happen to stop by a bar and grab a beer or snack, then the trip gained bonus freedom points. We see this notion of independence through dependency in many more aspects of our lives, like car pooling, using baby sitters, and just about any other part of our lives when we turn towards others for assistance.

Remember on this Independence Day that independence occurs from our ability to freely elect when to be independent or when to rely on others.