I would Walk 500 Miles, and I Would Walk 500 More

“Just to be the man who walked a thousand miles, To fall down at your door.”

This hit by the Proclaimers is a song stuck in my head at the moment, thanks to a little fact. Since arriving home with Black Jack roughly two months ago, I have been empowered to walk and run over 500 miles. This is incredible since the white cane never empowered me to accomplish this feat. The white cane, though a powerful instrument and representation of independence for the blind, never truly inspired me to go beyond the necessary objectives for personal fitness. as a fast walker, the white cane restricted my natural stride and speed, thanks in part to the techniques necessary to travel.

Black Jack completely changed this for me, empowering me to reclaim the quicker pace and enjoyment walking and running brings. This is a sense of freedom I have not felt since embracing the white cane, when walking to the mailbox posed significant challenges. With Black Jack, venturing on a five mile hike or trot around the neighborhoods feels as natural as it once did with sight.

I am looking forwards to the next 500 miles and definitely do not see us falling down at anyone’s door after 1,000 miles. To conclude this post, here is slightly modified version of the Proclaimers song, proclaiming my love and appreciation for the countless hours Black Jack’s trainers, puppy raisers, America’s Vet Dogs, and the Guide Dog Foundation placed in bringing us together.

When we’re working, yes, I know we’ll gonna be,
we’ll be the team who’s walking around for fun.
And when the fun comes in from playing we do,
we’ll fetch almost every toy back to you.
When we come home (When we come home), oh, we know we’ll gonna be
we’ll gonna be the team who comes back home soon.
And when we grow old, well, we know we’ll gonna be,
we’ll gonna be the team who grows old together.