How to Create a New Calendar Event in iOS

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In this Blind Vet Tech Quick Guides and Tutorials podcast, we create a new calendar event in the default Calendar app every iPhone and iPad ships. Each Calendar event allows you to do more than just record the time and name of an event, but the location, duration, custom repeating and alerts, invite participants, and much more. This task will review the following options found any time one creates a new Calendar Event within the app:

  • Title, which is the name of the event.
  • Location, which allows you to insert phone numbers to select an address of a business.
  • All Day option, which allows you determine if the event is all day or a specific time.
  • Start and End Times, which includes date, time, and time zone
  • Repeat, which allows you to select daily, weekly, monthly, or custom event frequencies.
  • Time to Travel, which is based on your current location and the location inputed into the Location field. This impacts an alert notifying you when to leave based on traveling considerations.
  • Alerts, which sends a notification to you and your participants before the event.
  • Invitees, which are email addresses of participants who will receive an invite.

We hope you enjoy this tutorial reviewing how to create a calendar event on your iPhone or iPad with the stock Aple iOS Calendar app.