Downloading Netflix Movies and TV Shows to your iOS Device

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In this Blind Vet Tech Quick Guides and Tutorials podcast, we demonstrate how to download Netflix movies and TV shows to your iPhone and iPad. Netflix consumers have been wishing for this feature for a number of years, especially after Amazon Prime released a similar feature for its video selection at release. Completing this task is very simple for Voice Over users. Here is a list of steps you can use as a reference:

  • After opening up the Netflix app, double tap on the Browse button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Locate the My Downloads button to view any episode or Movie you downloaded.
  • Locate the Available for Download button to view content you can download.
  • When you find a video you wish to download, double tap on it, and swipe until you find the download button.

Please keep in mind that downloading movies and TV shows will require anywhere from 100MB of space to 3GB of storage. If you have limited space, keep track of what you download, as filling up your storage may result in your device slowing down. To delete videos, do the following:

  • Navigate to the My Downloads menu in Netflix
  • Click on the the Edit button in the upper right corner
  • Find a video you already watched and there is an unlabeled button immediately before the name of the episode or show name.
  • Double tap on this unlabeled button to delete the file.
  • Click done in the upper right corner when complete.

Thank you for listening to this Blind Vet Tech tutorial on downloading movies and TV shows from Netflix onto your iPhone or iPad.

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