Blind Vet Tech News Update on Intel’s devastating security exploit, Apple’s battery replacement program for older iPhones, and our teleconferences for January

Happy New Years to everyone. This year starts out with alarming news coverage of the Meltdown and Specter exploits impacting all Intel Processors, Apple’s $29.99 battery replacement plan after admitting to throttling older devices, and The return of our own Blind Vet Tech monthly teleconferences.

If you are wondering about the Meltdown and Specter exploits affecting all Intel processors, yes it impacts a vast majority of Microsoft, Dell, Asus, Acer, Apple, Android, and so many more manufacture’s devices. The best defense we each have is to update our operating systems and internet browsers. Apple and Microsoft recently released OS updates to patch vulnerabilities and more are on the way. If you are using Windows XP still, I advise upgrading to Windows 10 since you will be left out for the most part. Google and Mozilla will be releasing updates to Chrome and Firefox in the near future, and Apple will update Safari for legacy Mac’s and iMacs.

Shortly after Christmas, Apple admitted to throttling iOS devices based on battery health. Their reasoning is one I fully support, to promote the usability of older devices. This affects Voice Over by slowing down its responsiveness and may cause some glitchy behaviors. The solution is to take advantage of Apple’s $29.99 battery replacement for all of your older devices from the iPhone 6 and newer. The catch is the slots at your local Apple Store are filling up a week in advance, so you need to jump on any available time slots with the Genius Bar you see available. The best way to arrange an appointment is to
contact Apple Support or use the Apple Support iOS app.

Finally, January starts our new times and calls for the Blind Vet Tech Monthly Talks. Our Monthly Talks provide visually impaired individuals the chance to learn and share information about their favorite devices. Below is a list of the upcoming calls and how to connect. We have switched to the Zoom platform for our calls, which enables one to connect via their computers, iOS devices, or landline phones in a simple and accessible manner. More information may be located by clicking here.

  • January 9 – Blind Vet Tech Monthly Narrator Talk
  • January 11 – Blind Vet Tech Monthly MacOS Talk
  • January 18 – Blind Vet Tech Monthly Tech Talk
  • January 18 – Blind Vet Tech Open Mic Night

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